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News special offers 11 April 2019, 14:03

author: Frozen

EVE Online: Starter Pack For Free

Those of you who do not yet have a starter pack of EVE Online can now get one for free on Steam. If you're interested, make haste, as the offer lasts only one more day.

EVE Online: Starter Pack For Free - picture #1
The Starter Pack can be extremely helpful for new players.

The EVE Online starter pack is available for free on the Steam until April 12, until 7:00 p.m. To be able to assign it to your account, you must have a free, basic version of the game. Starter Pack includes:

  • 7 days of premium (Omega) subscription
  • 250,000 skill points
  • Skill and Damage Booster (Cerebral Accelerator)
  • A stunning bundle of starter ship SKINs
  • Blood Raider apparel

EVE Online is a space MMO game created by the Icelandic studio CCP Games. The title was released on May 6, 2003 on PC, and since 2016 it has been available in the free-to-play model. Although it's been almost 16 years since the game's launch, the production is still actively developed by its creators and enjoys unwavering popularity among players.

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