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News video games 27 June 2022, 19:21

author: Michal Ciezadlik

Fallout: London Trailer Shows the Devastated Metropolis

The official trailer for Fallout London, an ambitious modification for Fallout 4, has hit the web. The 4 and a half-minute trailer shows a post-ap[ocalyptic look on the capital of England.

Over a month ago we had the opportunity to see the first extensive gameplay footage from Fallout: London - a grand total conversion mod for Fallout 4created FOLON. Yesterday, a new, long trailer for the project appeared online (see below).

The video shows London in a post-nuclear, apocalyptic scenery. There are many characteristic landmarks of the city, including Big Ben, the ruins of the famous London Eye and the devastated National Gallery.

In addition, we got close-ups of ruined, atmospheric streets, building interiors and mysterious underground locations.

You have to admit that Fallout: London makes great impression on the materials. The project is closer to a full-fledged game than to a mere mod.

It is worth noting that the trailer finally gave the answer (at least roughly) to the question about the release date. Fallout: London is to debut in 2023.

The modification will be released only on PC. To run it you will need to have Fallout 4 along with all DLCs.

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