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News video games 24 May 2017, 19:56

author: luckie

Far Cry 5 key art revealed – the game features strong religious themes

So far Far Cry has featured a variety of colorful antagonists: madmen, a brutal human trafficker, a savage hunter and others. Now it is time for a charismatic preacher, as we can deduce from the game's official key art.

Before the game’s worldwide announcement this Friday, Ubisoft has shared the first official art from Far Cry 5. This one is interesting for several reasons. First of all, it confirms that the game is set in modern-day United States – which was rather obvious from the teaser trailers released just recently, but this is still an important piece of information.

Far Cry 5 key art revealed – the game features strong religious themes - picture #1
Far Cry 5 will apparently introduce another charismatic antagonist.

Besides, the picture plainly shows that the game will contain strong, perhaps controversial religious themes. The main antagonist is a bearded preacher, or a cult leader, with an army of local thugs at his disposal. These guys appear to have a bit peculiar idea of “mercy”, as they humiliate and probably torture people marked as “sinners”.

Another noteworthy element is a young hippie-like woman, who might play an essential role in the story campaign, as well as a tamed wolf – a companion, perhaps? One of the weapons we will get to use in combat is a modern-looking bow. A watchful observer is also bound to notice plances in the background – it seems that for the first time in the series we will get to fly around in those. The official reveal of Far Cry 5 is planned for May 26, 2017.

Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5

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