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FF7 Rebirth - Weapon Level and SP Explained

Weapon Levels work differently in FF7 Rebirth in comparison to the first part of the remake series. They are directly connected to SP and the whole system is ambiguous at first, so feel free to take a moment and read this article to learn more.

Source: Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, Developer: Square Enix

Remakes are not always 100% true to the predecessor. Some people would say it’s unacceptable, others will be happy with the changes. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, which is the second part of this remake trilogy, takes a different approach than the original and introduces more dynamic battles in action RPG style. Nevertheless, that doesn’t change the fact that weapon statistics are important. The second instalment of the FF7 remakes uses SP to upgrade armaments How weapons’ improvement system works in this title? Let’s shed some more light on this topic.

What is SP and how to get it in FF7 Rebirth

Even though the game doesn’t explain it clearly, SP in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is most probably an abbreviation for “Skill Points” or “Soldier Points”. What matters, however, is how those can be used. SPs are tightly connected with Folios, which are basically abilities in this title.

There are two ways of obtaining SP. The first one comes naturally, as they are granted as you level up your characters. The other way of getting them is by buying manuscripts. Those can be used only by characters that they are related to.

Manuscripts for purchase are a common merchandise among Moogle Emporium shops. Each of them grants the specified person 10 SP, while a reward for leveling up gives around 5 SP.

Weapon level in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth explained

The above introduction about SP was important, as those are tightly connected to weapon level. In this installment of FF7 remake series, a weapon is leveled up by gaining SP.

It is also important to note that weapon level is counted through the overall amount of SP, so it is safe to spend these points in folios. And if by any chance you have made a wrong decision while allocating skills, worry not. The respec is free and you will get all the SP back.

Stat Boosts, that improve armament statistics, are gained passively as it levels up. Players do not have direct control over it. However, they can decide on which Weapon skills and Materia to equip. Of course, slots are limited, but you will be able to unlock more of them by leveling up your weapon.

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