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News video games 25 April 2024, 06:10

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Free, New Content Is Coming to Total War: Warhammer 3. Creative Assembly Acknowledges Modders

Total War: Warhammer 3 will soon receive not only the Thrones of Decay DLC, but also a handful of free features.

Source: Creative Assembly / Sega.

Creative Assembly has already talked about the new features of its upcoming Warhammer expansion. Now the devs of Total War: Warhammer 3 revealed the free content that all purchasers of the game will receive with the release of Thrones of Decay.

Of course, there aren't as many new features as in the DLC itself, but fans probably have no reason to complain. Most of the content described on the official Total War series forum has been known for a long time, but this time the developers presented it in a comprehensive and fully official manner.

By the way: the developer has published new, last pre-release material dedicated to Thrones of Decay. The long gameplay presents one of the new units, which will soon join the dwarf army.

First up is Epidemius, the legendary lord, who - as you can easily guess from his name - is the champion of Nurgle, cataloging all the plagues of the Plaguelord. The one-eyed creature traverses the battlefield on its palanquin carried by Nurglings. He focuses on providing support to its army. It probably won't surprise anyone either that Epidemius becomes more powerful with the increasing number of plagues that engulf the opponents of the Plaguelord.

In turn, the human Empire will receive another hero in the form of the Gold Wizard, and during the campaign, players will be able to acquire two new items available for all factions. However, the most important novelty will be the Nemesis Crown - a powerful artifact that can be found in a random location during the campaign.

It works on a similar principle to the Sword of Khaine, known from the second installment. The holder of the Crown will gain powerful bonuses, but also the dislike of other factions. The rivals have the option to take over the artifact, putting the conqueror of the Crown in a dilemma: whether to claim it or to seal the ominous object and risk someone else finding it in the future and using its power.

Interestingly, the Creative Assembly studio paid tribute to the modders, because - as they admitted - many of them had already created content thematically similar to what the 5.0 update will introduce. As a result, the mods developed by them will be put aside, but the developer wanted to make sure that the work of these fans won't be forgotten.

Update 5.0 will hit the game with the release of Thrones of Decay on April 30.

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Jacob Blazewicz

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