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News video games 09 June 2021, 11:13

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Free Survival Game Muck Gains Popularity on Steam

Another survival game is slowly conquering steam Steam. This time it's Muck, a work created by a youtuber Dani. At the peak moment, almost 17 thousand people played the game.

  • Another survival game started quickly gaining popularity on Steam;
  • It's Muck, a simple sandbox game with roguelike elements;
  • Youtuber Dani is responsible for its creation.

A new item has joined the long list of survival games available on Steam. It is Muck, an inconspicuous title powered by Unity engine, whose creator is youtuber known as Dani. His recognition in the web clearly translated into the game's popularity. At the peak moment Muck was played by 16.7 thousand people. An equally impressive result was achieved by the game on Twitch. At one point, 22 thousand viewers watched the broadcasts.

Dani decided to create his own sandbox under the influence of comments posted under one of his videos. The viewer accused him of being unable to create his own multiplayer survival game. Youtuber seems to have taken it personally, and using numerous online tutorials he created a simple production which he then uploaded to Steam.

Muck is an uncomplicated sandbox with roguelike elements. We start the game on a randomly generated map and during the day we collect resources, erect buildings and create necessary items. At night we have to defend ourselves from hordes of opponents, among which there are also powerful bosses. An important aspect of the game is the fact that it was made available for free.

This simple combination proved to be enough for many players. Currently, the reviews on Steam are overwhelmingly positive. We can certainly assume that a large part of them are the voices of youtuber's fans. Among them, however, we can find opinions that sincerely praise the game for what is it.

"A good way to spend 3-4 hours. Relaxing and simple game... It could become really good with updates."

- Wyrm Wizard

"Grab some friends and have a great time wasting time for 2-3 hours. It's a really fun and simple game."

- Beef Bus

"For a free game that weighs less than a gigabyte, I was able to pull a couple hours of entertainment out of it. You should definitely check it out with friends or by yourself."

- ConnorIsNot

So the only question is how long the phenomenon of this inconspicuous production will last. It is very likely that after being carried by a momentary wave of enthusiasm from Dani's viewers, it will disappear in the crowd of other games on Steam. For now, however, it is gaining popularity, so perhaps it is worth trying it out. Especially when it's free.



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