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News video games 13 February 2019, 10:00

author: Adrian Werner

Friends Update for Rocket League Removes Cross-Play Limitations

From now on, Rocket League will offer full cross-play between all available hardware platforms.

Friends Update for Rocket League Removes Cross-Play Limitations - picture #1
Full cross-play came to Rocket League.


Psyonix studio has finally revealed the date for removing cross-play restrictions in Rocket League. It will happen on February 19, this year as part of the so-called Friends Update. That day the patch will launch on all hardware platforms, i.e. PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Since January the game offers a limited cross-play feature (as you can learn below), but it only involves random matchmaking. With the release of Friends Update we will be able to create friend lists, teams and clubs including owners of all hardware platforms.

The patch will also offer bug fixes and the Free Play mode will be enriched with Dropshot, Hoops, Snow Day and Rumble modes.

  1. Developer: Psyonix
  2. Publisher: Psyonix
  3. Genre: sports
  4. Platforms: PC, PS4, XONE, Switch

Rocket League finally gets a full cross-play. This means that PC owners as well as the users of Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch can have fun together. Just go to the game menu and select this option in the gameplay section.

Until now, the game offered only a limited cross-play feature. PC gamers could play with PlayStation 4 users or with Xbox One and Switch owners. However, there was no interaction between the PS4 and the other consoles.

For now the full cross-play is available only with random matchmaking. An update will be released shortly, which will expand this functionality to a proper team system, so that it will be possible to form groups with people from our friend list, who are playing on other platforms.

The introduction of full cross-play should help especially in more niche modes. In the most popular gameplay variants it is never a problem to find people willing to have fun, but those who like Snow Drop, for example, should now be able to find some partners faster.

Just to remind you, until recently Sony allowed cross-play only with PC. The change of this strategy was forced by the overwhelming popularity of Fortnite. Initially, the company insisted that there was no need to allow PlayStation 4 users to have fun together with other consoles. In the end, however, the corporation succumbed to pressure from the players. The related feature is currently in beta testing, but we can expect the option to appear in more and more games.

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