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News video games 25 August 2022, 14:14

Tower of Fantasy Will Get a Cyberpunk City; This MMORPG is Growing Fast

Tower of Fantasy will soon receive a major update numbered 2.0. The game will add a new region, a large cyberpunk city, more bosses and much more.

  • Developers of Tower of Fantasy have announced a major update numbered 2.0.
  • Among other things, the game will gain a new region with a cyberpunk city at its center.
  • New mounts and legendary bosses will also appear.

The release of Tower of Fantasy has attracted the attention of a ton of players, so the developers are determined to forge the iron while it's hot. The team has already announced the first major update, which will introduce, among other things, a new location in the form of a cyberpunk city.

Tower of Fantasy 2.0 - what's new in the update?

The upcoming update, numbered 2.0, will be the first patch of such a large size for Tower of Fantasy. The players can expect a whole bunch of new features that will give them a reason to spend more hours playing the game. Below you will find a list of highlights.

  1. A new desert region called Vera, and in it the levitating cyberpunk city of Mirroria placed in a large pyramid-shaped structure.
  2. New mounts in the form of hovercrafts.
  3. More legendary bosses.
  4. New instances, raids, missions and events with special rewards.

In addition, of course, we can expect fixes for many bugs and possible balance changes. Let's hope that the release of patch 2.0 will also be an answer to the problems with cheaters, which are recently plaguing Tower of Fantasy.

However, we will learn the details about the update only after the publication of the complete patch notes, which will most likely happen when the update debuts. The release, in turn, will take place "soon," but we do not know the exact date yet.

Before that, however, the players will be able to get acquainted with the new heroine that will appear in the game. We are talking about Frigg, who will become available in a week, i.e. on September 1.

  1. Tower of Fantasy - official website

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