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News video games 09 October 2021, 22:50

author: Paul Musiolik

FUT Card Packs are Meant to Reflect How Real Football Works

EA Sports believes that the card pack mechanic in FUT is about raising realism in the FIFA series. Why? Apparently because like in the real world, you can do more if you have money.

  1. According to one EA Sports employee, FUT card packs are a way to faithfully represent how real-life football works.

According to one Electronic Arts employee, who holds the position of chief experience officer at the company, card packs in FIFA are not a bad thing on the contrary, they perfectly reflect how football works in the real world.

The statement was made during an interview with Eurogamer's editor. According to Chris Bruzzo, football in the real world works in much the same way. The rich can do more, which affects the strength of the team.. In this way, EA Sports wants to convey the realism of the sport as well as possible.

In response to the comment that this translates into unfair competition online, a representative from Electronic Arts revealed that out of ten packs bought, only one is financed with FIFA Points,, which can be purchased with real cash. The other nine transactions are made with coins earned during the game.

Other data looks equally interesting. 78% of those who play FIFA do not spend a single penny on microtransactions. The remaining 22%, on the contrary, brought the company over $1.6 billion in revenue last fiscal year.

Chris Bruzzo brushed off the Eurogamer editor's accusations during the interview, reiterating that EA Sports is simply giving players a choice, and whoever wants to do so, can benefit by paying to build a stronger team to compete in FIFA Ultimate Team. Though, as he pointed out, kids shouldn't go down that road and get sucked into paying for cards.

Do you agree with the statements made in the interview? Or are you closer to the statement that EA Sports will do everything to justify making money on FUT mode?

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