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News video games 25 August 2022, 17:54

author: Sebastian Grys

Patch 3.0 Silently Fixed One of Genshin Impact's Most Annoying Problems

The latest patch for Genshin Impact has introduced quite a few new features. Players are most excited about one particular fix.

Patch 3.0 has arrived to Genshin Impact, and with it a slew of new features. The main ones are a new fourth land called Sumeru and three new playable characters - Tighnari, Collei and Dori. The developers also introduced a new element for the first time in the title's history - Dendro.

However, the change that pleased the players the most was served much more discreetly in the patch notes. We can read there that the update optimizes the experience of moving through complex terrain using movement abilities. It will make the players not get stuck on every small and protruding edge that stands in their way.

The fix was badly needed, because traversing such a huge open world should be enjoyable for the player. The change definitely made the gameplay more dynamic, and on the game's subreddit we can already see fan videos of smooth running and jumping over difficult terrain.

What else is new?

Enough to mention the new Domains, weapons, artifacts, enemies and events and missions, but on top of that there are various changes and improvements. A noteworthy modification is the ability to create ten configurations of our team, instead of just four, as before. This enables us to have even more element combinations for different occasions.

The update definitely satisfied the fans and encouraged them to immerse themselves in the game world for hours to come.

You can find a complete patch notes here.

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Genshin Impact

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