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News hardware & software 29 December 2019, 17:59

author: Adrian Werner

GPU Prices May Rise Because of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

According to analysts, graphics card prices may increase next year. One reason for this will be the increased demand for GDDR6 memory due to the launch of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

GDDR6 memory is used, among others, by GeForce RTX series cards.

We have bad news for people who have been holding back on purchasing graphic cards, hoping for price reductions. There are many indications that prices of this type of hardware may increase next year. Such forecasts are based on data published by the DRAMeXchange analysts group.

According to this information, DRAM prices could increase by 5% in the first quarter of next year. As a result, the graphics cards that use it will also be more expensive. Excessive demand for this type of memory is to blamed for this.

The forecasts are based on the fact that graphics card manufacturers are switching from GDDR5 memory to GDDR6. In the case of Nvidia, most of the products currently released on the market belong to the RTX family, which uses GDDR6. AMD also offers more and more chipsets with this memory.

GGDR6 memory can also be found in next-gen consoles.

In the past, both companies have dealt with such problems well, but this time it may be different because of the consoles. New generations of Xbox and PlayStation are expected to be released next year. Both platforms will use GDDR6, and analysts predict high sales of these devices. Subsequently, Microsoft and Sony will have a great demand for such memory.

Analysts emphasize that currently GDDR6 memory stocks are still large, and companies such as Samsung, SK Hynix or Micron are to increase production of this type of hardware by 15% next year. So there is a chance to avoid price rises, but if you are planning to buy a graphics card in the near future it is worth hurrying.

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