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News video games 28 March 2024, 03:06

Gran Turismo 7 Fans Waited 11 Years for Update That Gave Them Beloved Car

Gran Turismo 7's March update is just as (in)abundant in content as the previous two, but it was met with a much better reception from players. That's thanks to the Toyota GT-One, whose return fans have been looking forward to for years.

Source: Polyphony Digital

UPDATE (original news: March 27)

Update 1.44 is now available for download. The full list of changes included the usual: lists of several models that received the option of an engine swap and a conversation in the Café. Moreover, the prize for a single race on the World tracks has been raised, and some minor features have been included in the paint editor and the associated search engine for players' creations.

Polyphony Digital studio has once again fallen into a routine of updating Gran Turismo 7 - and surprisingly, this is good news. Since January, we have been getting fresh content at regular intervals, which is a pleasant change after the long, irregular breaks that occurred over the past year. And although the March update (1.44), scheduled for tomorrow morning, again doesn't surprise with the number of attractions, it was welcomed by fans with open arms.

Players' enthusiasm is thanks to one of the three cars added in the update - the '99 Toyota GT-One (TS020). It's a legendary Japanese racing car and a cult favorite among Gran Turismo players, who first encountered it in the second installment (1999) and last saw it in the sixth installment (2013) - and have been begging Polyphony Digital to bring it back ever since.

The other two cars in the update are the Audi R8 Coupe V10 plus '16 and the Lamborghini Urus '18. The latter also deserves attention because it is the first SUV in Gran Turismo 7. On the other hand, Audi is another demonstration of PD keeping up with modern sports cars - in this instance, the second generation of R8 (even though its racing version was available in the game earlier).

Here are more new features from the update:

  1. three single-player races on world tracks;
  2. additional menu (Jaguar collection);
  3. 26 stickers from the upcoming anime Highspeed Etoile (available for a limited time);
  4. Fukushima settings for Scapes mode.

Despite the excitement over the Toyota GT-One, players once again expressed disappointment at the absence of a new track (which was even more anticipated than the iconic car). The complete list of changes will be available tomorrow morning, and I will add any additional noteworthy points in the update.

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