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News video games 25 January 2024, 02:44

After Long Wait, Gran Turismo 7 Gets 3 New Cars. You Can Get One in Early Access for €5200

Unfortunately, Gran Turismo 7 quickly got out of breath after the groundbreaking Spec II update. Update 1.42, which we've been waiting almost three months for, contains a mere 3 cars... one of which will remain locked for another month unless we buy the €5,200 watch.

Source: Polyphony Digital.


Update 1.42 is now available , and full list of changes has been provided. Just as I predicted, there aren't many exciting additions.

  1. 10 more cars received the engine swap option at GT Auto.
  2. The Genesis and Pagani brands were added to the museum in Brand Central.
  3. A few more conversations about selected car models have been added in the Café.
  4. "The stability of rival cars in wet conditions has been adjusted."

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Original news (January 25th)

We have been waiting for almost three months for the next major update to Gran Turismo 7 after the Spec II version was released in early November. Spec II was indeed a huge update, introducing highly desired, even groundbreaking changes - but after a moment, fans were once again hungry for an expansion of the same scale.

Unfortunately, the January 1.42 update , which will appear tomorrow morning, won't satisfy that craving. The only thing Polyphony Digital has to offer us after such a long time is three cars (one of which will remain locked for another month) and a handful of new activities. What's worse, when choosing new cars, the developer was not guided by the community's wish list at all. The added vehicles are as follows:

  1. Bvlgari Aluminum Vision Gran Turismo;
  2. Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo Concept;
  3. Suzuki Jimny XC '18.

We have here two concept vehicles, which are increasingly boring to many players, and a Japanese off-roader - potentially fun (despite being slow), but on its own not satisfactory. Another problem is the fact that the Bvlgari model will become available to all players only at the end of February. Currently, it is available only to people who... bought a limited edition watch for EUR 5,200

Unfortunately, the rest of the prepared attractions do not alleviate the disappointment of fans who are rubbing their eyes in amazement at how meagre the 1.42 update is. In addition to the above cars , there are five new World Circuit races and two so-called Extra Menus (unique animations and rewards when adding new vehicles to the fleet - this time dedicated to various Dodge models and iconic high-performance Nissans). There will also traditionally be no shortage of new sceneries in the Scapes photographic mode.

The full list of changes will be published tomorrow morning, which may still contain some novelties - however, there is no point in expecting any major attractions. All this once again revives the speculation that Polyphony Digital is slowly abandoning Gran Turismo 7 and starting full-scale production of the next installment of the series.

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Christopher Mysiak

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