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News guides 09 May 2024, 04:54

Gray Zone Warfare (GZW) - How to Complete Hacker, Where to Find Cameras

If you are looking for cameras to wiretap in Hacker task in GZW, we've got you covered.

Source: Gray Zone Warfare, Developer: Madfinger Games

“Early Access” is the name of the first half of 2024. Thanks to Steam’s program, many games are able to spread their wings and shape thanks to community feedback. Among many amazing titles which entered EA recently, we are able to test out Gray Zone Warfare, which takes us to Lamang. This fictional country is under quarantine and 3 private military companies are tasked with uncovering what is going on. One of the missions, called “Hacker”, requires us to wiretap Fort Narith’s surveillance system. Since pinpointing the cameras can be troublesome, here you will find a map with their locations.

Hacker task’s camera locations in GZW

The main difficulty of Gray Zone Warfare’s tasks comes from finding the objective’s location. Even though the general spot is usually given in the mission’s briefing, it may not be enough. Let’s take for example UNLRA quest, which is all about finding intel for Handshake. In his other assignment, we will be ordered to find an outpost near the Sawmill, and now in mission called “Hacker” he asks to tap to 4 cameras in Fort Narith. Below you can find their exact location, but be prepared for resistance:

  1. The first camera is attached to a security booth on the northern gate of the fort.
  2. Similar to the first, another is located on a security booth at the main gate.
  3. The third is slightly trickier as it can be found inside the main building, near one of its entrances.
  4. The last one is on the outside of the structure nearest to the airstrip.

Bear in mind that you can hack them in any order. With all the cameras wiretapped, the task will be completed. You can make your way out through the nearest Landing Zone, west of Fort Narith. If you don’t have it discovered, check out our interactive map. Good luck!

Aleksander Kartasinski

Aleksander Kartasinski

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Gray Zone Warfare

Gray Zone Warfare