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News guides 09 May 2024, 07:04

Gray Zone Warfare (GZW) - I Went I Saw I Conquered Task Explained

If finding the spot in I went, I saw, I conquered task in GZW poses a problem, don't fret, as we are coming with a helpful hand.

Source: Gray Zone Warfare, Developer: Madfinger Games

Recently a lot of interesting games entered Early Access and there is a treat for everyone. No Rest for The Wicked for soulslike fans, Manor Lords for medieval historians, Hades II for rogulike lovers and Gray Zone Warfare for military shooter enjoyers. If you are the latter, there is a good chance that you are looking for a good vantage point for Handshake’s people in I went, I saw, I conquered quest. If you are struggling with pinpointing the location, no worries, as we’re here to help you with that.

I went, I saw, I conquered objective location in GZW

With tasks like Living in Burrows, Out of the Blue, or Warm Welcome completed, GZW throws us into more sneaky mission – I went, I saw, I conquered. In it, Handshake asks us to find an outpost located near the Sawmill, north from Fort Narith. Below, on the map, you can find an exact spot:

After venturing up to the hill, south of the Sawmill, you will stumble upon a camp-like site in the 138, 143 coordinate. There, all you have to do is to enter the area and your mission objective will be automatically completed. All there is to do after that is to return the quest to Handshake.

Developers from Madfinger Games seem to take players feedback to their hearts, as the reviews of Gray Zone Warfare are constantly climbing, which would indicate that the initial problems with crashes and performance, networking and anticheat are mitigated.

It is worth remembering that the production is still in the first stage of Early Access, so optimizing settings for maximum FPS is recommended. Looking at how things go, we might be hopeful for controller support, and maybe eventually even a console port. For now, to make the game as good as possible, you can share your opinion about the title on GZW’s official Discord server.

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Aleksander Kartasinski

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Gray Zone Warfare

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