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News video games 09 November 2022, 14:24

author: Adrian Werner

Halo Infinite Finally Gets Big Update

Halo Infinite has received a major winter update, and it includes a full version of co-op, a Forge mode that lets you create new maps, and an additional multiplayer variant.

Halo Infinite has finally received the winter update. This is the largest patch for the game to date. It introduces a number of long-awaited new features, including:

  1. The full version of the cooperative mode for four people (its beta was made available in July). This option supports cross-play;
  2. the ability to repeat missions from the campaign;
  3. the beta of Forge, a mode that enables you to create your own maps and gameplay variants;
  4. two new multiplayer maps: Argyle and Detachment. Interestingly, both were built by the developers using Forge tools, so the levels are a kind of demonstration of the capabilities of these tools;
  5. a new Covert One-Flag multiplayer mode, which is a variation on the popular Capture the Flag. A distinctive feature of this gameplay variant is that attackers have camouflage and defenders have sensors to detect the threat;
  6. a beta of the MatchXP system, under which players are rewarded for playing matches to the end, as well as for successes during them;
  7. a new free Battle Pass divided into 30 levels. Importantly, it has no time limit and players will be able to unlock cosmetic items whenever they want;
  8. 24 achievements.

The update should do the game a lot of good. Halo Infinite's release at the end of last year was a big success, but then the player population began to rapidly melt away due to slow development. Co-op and Forge modes were repeatedly delayed and a large part of the community abandoned the game.

The winter update convinced many players to return. Yesterday's activity record on Steam was 12,931 people. This is the game's best result since May.

Recall that the free multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite debuted in November 2021, and a paid story campaign was released in December. The game was released on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. It is also available through Game Pass subscription - on both PC and consoles.

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