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News video games 05 December 2023, 05:52

author: Maciej Gaffke

Here's What First Trailer Says About GTA 6; Internet Hunts for Trivia

We received the trailer of GTA 6 earlier than Rockstar Games anticipated. Fans have already rushed at the fresh footage and have begun to find quite a few facts that are invisible at first glance.

Source: Rockstar Games

Leaked trailer of GTA VI angered developers at Rockstar Games, who eventually had to speed up its official release. Thanks to this, however, we could see the new Vice City, where the game's action will take place, get to know the main characters, the approximate release date of the highly anticipated game and the target platforms a good dozen hours faster.

NOTE: Some conjecture and speculation may be considered information with a touch of spoilers.

GTA VI trailer - what did the viewers see in it?

Emotions after the trailer are still red-hot, and in the days to come, every second of the footage will be carefully analyzed by the biggest fans of the series. Viewers have already spotted several (dozen/s) of tidbits, which they are eager to share on various forums..

The still "warm" trailer lasts evenly one and a half minute and it's dripping with the atmosphere of the big city presented in the very first seconds of the video, similarly in fact, as was the case with the previews of previous installments of GTA. For across these few tens of seconds we see many people, places and two main characters: Lucia and her boyfriend.

What else did the faithful fans spot in the trailer of GTA VI? You'd be surprised how much you might have missed after the first (or even several times) "screening" of the trailer.

  1. The reference to the "woman with hammers".. In the 58th second, a figure appears holding two hammers. This is a direct reference to the situation with a certain woman. The footage of her went viral in the United States several years ago.
  2. The man filming a woman on the beach. During the shot on the beach in 22nd second, we see a man lying on the right side of the frame, recording the buttocks of the bending woman.
  3. Weazel News returns. Trailer for the sixth installment of Grand Theft Auto confirmed also, at 1:04 mark, the return of the news channel known from GTA IV, which is based on the real Fox News.
  4. The video also featured the police badge of Leonida (a state modeled after Florida). It strongly resembles the real one used by officers in the state of Florida.
  5. In addition to the aforementioned badge, there also appears a tattooed man. It is likely that he is inspired by Lawrence Patrick Sullivan, who has been hailed as the "Miami Joker". You can read more about him here.

Additionally the trailer emphasizes the role of social media. Practically every now and then, more accounts jump out at us, showing the characters appearing in the trailer. In this way, Rockstar once again parodies our reality, presenting society in a distorted mirror of Vice City.

Pair of main characters

[WARNING: potential minor spoilers]. Along with the trailer, the studio also showed an artwork promoting GTA VI. It shows Lucia with her boyfriend. Interestingly, our protagonist is wearing a police "bracelet" - a monitoring device. Thanks to this, we know that in the course of the story Lucia will be subervised by the law enforcement.

This is where one of the first fan conjectures immediately comes in. In the trailer, the creators did not tell us too much about the main character's boyfriend, focusing on her. For this reason, one user believes that the second protagonist of the story will be a police officer who is supposed to secretly supervise the girl.

The merry-go-round of all sorts of theories is just beginning to pick up pace, but you have to admit that this one is really interesting and may make sense. However, we'll see how the plot ultimately turns out only in two years, when GTA VI will go on sale.

Lucia - who will play the heroine of GTA 6?

We should add that some users have also "found" the actress playing the role of Lucia. According to their suspicions, the character was created by Hailee Steinfeld. On the short video shared online you can see a striking resemblance between the artist and the digital character.

These, of course, are not all little tidbits. Their number is really large, and you can already easily find hundreds of materials focusing on these details in the web.

The song from GTA VI trailer tells a lot about the upcoming game

As already mentioned, the plot will focus on two characters, namely Lucia and her partner. Their story is likely to be loosely based on the fate of Bonnie and Clyde (a pair of criminals), which was already suggested by earlier rumors. This seems to be confirmed also by the atmospheric and popular song by Tom Petty (whose name was also spotted in the trailer) - Love is a long road, which, it must be said, fits perfectly into such a narrative. Just listen to the lyrics or take a look at the song's title.

Let's also add that the song comes from the 1980s, which is an overt reference to GTA: Vice City, which is set precisely in those times. Probably in this way the developers also wanted to evoke nostalgia in fans of the brand.

GTA VI - list of cars

Admittedly, for now we do not have any details from the developers, but this does not prevent fans from making a list of vehicle models on their own.

Grand Theft Auto is inextricably linked with cars, and many people focused primarily on the cars appearing in the video. One GTAForums user even compiled a list of vehicles that Rockstar has included in the trailer.

The mentioned player saw, among others, a car resembling a Chrysler 300, a Bravado Banshee or a Vapid Stainer. This impressive list can be found here.

GTA VI preorder - when will we be able to order the game?

Although the trailer clearly emphasizes that the game will be released in 2025, many fans of the brand would already like to preorder the title. Unfortunately, for now, the studio has not revealed a specific date.

However, we can rely on the studio's previous work, i.e. Red Dead Redemption 2. In the case of this blockbuster, the first trailer was released in 2016, and pre-orders launched in early June 2018. The game itself premiered in late October of the same year.

It can therefore be suspected that the preorders of GTA VI will launch some four months before the official release. Perhaps it will be at the end of 2024 or in the first months of 2025. It all depends on the final publishing decision of the developers.

Let's point out that GTA VI will hit PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S at the time of its release.. The developers have so far said nothing about the PC version.

Maciej Gaffke

Maciej Gaffke

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