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News video games 17 May 2021, 16:12

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Fans Prepare a Complete Remake of Heroes of Might and Magic 2

Heroes 2 will get a fan-made overlay which will bring the game closer to a full-fledged remaster. A group of amateur developers has been adding new patches and improvements to the game for over a year.

  • A team of fans is working on an overlay for Heroes 2, which introduces many changes to the game;
  • Fheroes 2, as it is called, supports high resolutions and improves the AI;
  • It also introduces many smaller improvements;
  • The creators have already made their work available to other fans.

Heroes of Might and Magic 2 seems to be standing in the shadow of its more famous and iconic younger brother. However, a group of fans decided to restore the shine of the second installment. Amateur developers have been working for over a year on a project called Fheroes 2. It is a kind of overlay for the original version of the game. It completely changes the engine powering the game, so it supports many new features to improve gameplay.

For more than a year, the creators have been introducing further improvements and corrections to the game. The list includes support for higher resolutions or significantly improved AI. The modders have also refined the animations and textures. There is also an auto-resolve option for battles available, which enables us to skip the easiest battles. In the event that we do not like the result, we can replay them in manual mode.

Additionally, Fheroes 2 introduces a huge number of improvements to the original game, which can be classified as quality of life mods. They are not revolutionary changes, but small corrections that make Heroes 2 much more accessible by modern standards. The full list is gigantic and it's impossible to include it in one text. Daredevils who want to face it, however, can get down to reading the lists of changes published by the creators.

You can also check them directly during the game. The fan team is still working on Fheroes 2, but the initial results of their work were made publicly available already last year. Since then, they constantly release new versions of the work. To use their project, we need the original version of the game or at least its demo. This is due to the fact that the project is an overlay, and not a full-fledged remake. With this solution, the creators do not risk a conflict with Ubisoft, which owns the rights to the Heroes of Might and Magic franchise.

Currently, Fheroes 2 is available in version 0.9.3. The mod has also been adapted to many platforms. We can play it on Windows, Linux, Mac OS and even PlayStation Vita. The creators intend to expand the range of available platforms in the future. At the beginning of this year they also opened an account on Patreon, through which it is possible to support their work.

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