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News video games 14 September 2021, 10:50

Hideo Kojima Wants Games to Change in Real Time; What Does He Mean?

Hideo Kojima wants to change the way we experience games. He wants them to change in real time and depending on the conditions in which we play.

  • Hideo Kojima shared a vision for his future games;
  • The Japanese creator would like to experiment with productions that would change in real time;
  • Individual titles would be influenced by the perspective of specific players.

Hideo Kojima is one of the most famous video game creators. His name is associated with several iconic series, with his latest success being Death Stranding. However, this kind of work is apparently not enough for the creator. Kojima wants to completely change the way we experience video games.

In an interview with Japanese website Anan (via Siliconera), Hideo Kojima said that he doesn't like the fact that today's productions look and act the same regardless of the player's perspective. Whether the player is 15, 30 or 60 years old, the game will always be the same. It's also not affected by where we play and other such circumstances. Taking those factors into account isn't impossible for Kojima, though.

He gave Boktai, a Game Boy Advance game he worked on during his time at Konami, as an example. It focused on the fight between vampire hunters and undead monsters. An exceptionally interesting element of the production was the combat mechanic, which made use of the sunlight sensor built into the cartridge. Kojima would like such non-standard solutions to appear in more games.

"I want to create a game that changes in real-time. Even though there are people of different ages and trades playing the same game, they are playing it in the same way. Instead, I want the game to change based on where that person lives, and that person’s unique perspective … Because you would defeat vampires using the light from the sun, [Boktai - ed. note] would change based on where and when you played the game. That kind of feature connects man-made systems to real-life."

Apparently we can expect some interesting experiments in Kojima's future productions. The question remains, however, whether such mechanics will truly find approval of ordinary players. Ultimately, they may remain just an intriguing curiosity. We'll find out, however, only when the Japanese creator's next works are released.

Przemyslaw Dygas

Przemyslaw Dygas

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