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News video games 21 August 2021, 16:12

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Kojima Appreciated 12 Minutes But is Scared of Willem Dafoe

It seems that 12 Minutes was liked not only by reviewers, but also by Hideo Kojima. The Japanese dev is delighted with Luis Antonio's game and shared his impressions on Twitter.

  • Hideo Kojima is delighted with 12 Minutes;
  • The dev paid special attention to Willem Dafoe's performance;
  • The game also made him feel like developing his own adventure game.

12 Minutes is an unassuming thriller that uses the mechanics developed by the point-and-click adventure game genre. Its simplicity, didn't prevent it from winning the hearts of many critics, who are mostly delighted with the title. As you can see, among people who liked Luis Antonio's game there are also other devs. Hideo Kojima turned out to be a fan of 12 Minutes.

So it seems that Luis Antonio's game is something really special for the Japanese dev. In drawing pleasure from the gameplay he doesn't even mind the controls and specific perspective, which were complained about by many reviewers. Interestingly enough, 12 Minutes could become Kojima's source of inspiration for the future. He admitted that the game made him want to develop his own adventure game.

Kojima also focused on Willem Dafoe's performance, which, he said, was genuinely scary.

"Even now, I feel like Dafoe is going to come in the front door in ten or so minutes... Normally I'd welcome him, as I'm a huge fan of him, but after playing TWELVE MINUTES, I'm afraid he's going to punch me. Nice casting though."

After such an enthusiastic recommendation we can only get acquainted with the title. The game is available on PC, Xbox One and Series S/X. The title can be downloaded from the Xbox Game Pass service.

12 Minutes

12 Minutes

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