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News video games 26 May 2023, 13:22

author: Adrian Werner

Homeworld 3 Significantly Delayed; Devs Unwilling to Compromise

The arrival of Homeworld 3 will be significantly delayed. The continuation of the iconic space strategy series will not be available until next year.

Homeworld 3, the space RTS from Blackbird Interactive, has suffered a major delay.

  1. The devs have announced, that the game's release has been postponed until February 2024.
  2. This is a big delay, because until now the release was supposed to take place in the first half of this year.
  3. The developers argue the decision with the desire to properly refine the project. As they explain, they are determined to make Homeworld 3 into a game worthy of the brand, and this simply requires a longer development cycle.
  4. The delay came as no great surprise to fans. There were few days left in the first half of this year, and the developers didn't release any new information or video footage. It was to be expected that they would miss the planned release date.
Homeworld 3 Significantly Delayed; Devs Unwilling to Compromise - picture #1
Source: Twitter.

The decision to delay may be slightly disappointing, but in the long run it will certainly prove to be the right one. This year has been full of PC launches that happened far too early (just think of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, The Last of Us: Part I or Redfall) and it's good that Blackbird Interactive wants to avoid repeating the mistakes of fellow developers.

Finally, let's recall that Homeworld 3 is heading exclusively for PC.

  1. Homeworld 3 - official website

Adrian Werner

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