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News guides 13 June 2023, 12:10

author: Ewa Ichniowska

How to Find Atlas in Phase 4 NMS Singularity; Commune with the Atlas Problems

In the latest update, No Man’s Sky received a New campaign called the Singularity Expedition. Some players have trouble with finding Atlas in the 4th phase of the quest. Find out how to fix the problem here.

Source: Hello Games

Singularity Expedition was introduced in the latest update to No Man’s Sky as a story-focused campaign that will unfold over several weeks. It will also serve as the second part of a bigger narrative that will last all year. The developers promise a chance to affect the entire universe and exciting rewards. Players are hard at work solving galactic mysteries, but some people have encountered a problem in Phase 4 of the expedition. Find out possible causes and fixes here.

How to find Atlas in Phase 4

Many players reported issues with finding an Atlas station in the mission Commune with Atlas Phase 4 of the Singularity Expedition. We’ve gathered some possible fixes:

  1. Talk to Priest Nada;
  2. Make sure you have completed the mission Grand Divergence first; the menu might display it further down on the list, but it needs to be done before finding Atlas. Complete all other milestones in Phase 4 with Polo and Nada.
  3. Make sure you’re following the red path marked on the Galaxy map, not the green one;
  4. If your navigation for Grand Divergence isn’t working, double check if the mission is still set active; the game may switch your active missions on its own after some actions;
  5. If your ship has a shorter range, you may not see the mark for the mission after one jump. You may have to travel more to find the closest Atlas on the Galaxy map;
  6. Alternatively, use the Crashed Interceptor from the planet the mission starts off as your ship to improve your jump range;
  7. Check if the Legs you crafted are equipped in your Exosuit inventory.

Keep in mind that the Atlas station you’re looking for is not a strictly specific location; any Atlas station in the system closest to you at the moment should work for the milestone.

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