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News guides 09 June 2023, 09:58

How to Get Crystallised Heart in NMS

No Man's Sky has been updated and a new Singularity expedition has been added. Alongside it, some other changes have been made. The Crystallised Heart has gained a new use. Here you will learn more.

Source: Hello Games

Hello Games doesn’t stop updating and polishing No Man’s Sky. Even though the latest big content update, Interceptor, was released two months ago, the developers are still making changes and tweak their game. Not long ago, new expedition called Singularity was released that changed the way how the Crystallised Heart is used. In this guide you will learn all you need to know about this item.

Crystallised Heart in No Man’s Sky

Crystallised Heart isn’t a new item by any means. It was introduced in the Interceptor update, yet with the 4.30 version its functionality changed. Currently, it is used to repair Sentinel Interceptors hyperdrive. Before the patch, Quad Servos were utilised for that purpose.

How to Get Crystallised Heart in NMS - picture #1
Crystallised Heart in-game item description

How to find Crystallised Heart in No Man’s Sky

Being part of the Interceptor patch, Crystallised Heart is tied to Corrupted Planets. That’s also the place where you should start your search. You can learn more about those here. Once you’ve reached a corrupted planet, look for enemies called Corrupted Sentinels. Try to find Medium Arachnid Corrupted Sentinel and Large Arachnid Corrupted Sentinel (they resemble crabs or spiders). Both of those have a chance to drop Crystallised Heart. Be wary and come prepared, as those adversaries are not easy opponents to fight.

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