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News video games 30 December 2022, 12:19

author: Agnes Adamus

Path of Exile - Brittle Ground Explained

When playing Path of Exile you may come across shoes with the Brittle Ground effect. Here you will learn what exactly this modifier does.

When playing Path of Exile you can impose a number of effects on your opponents that will enable you to increase your chances of winning the battle. One of them is Brittle Ground. Below you will find a discussion of this effect. You will learn here, among other things, what bonuses it grants and how map modifiers affect it.

What is Brittle Ground?

Brittle Ground affects the chances of dealing critical damage - your character will, for a certain period of time, leave behind a path where the chances of such a blow are higher. If the opponent enters it, they will automatically become more vulnerable. This is an extremely powerful effect because it is applied to every opponent.

By default, the Brittle Ground effect grants a bonus of 5% to critical damage chance, regardless of whether you already have another modifier for this parameter.. This means that if the opponent has a basic 10% chance of getting critted, this value will increase to 15%. However, the base value can be changed (or, more precisely, reduced) if selected map modifiers are used.

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How to find or create a Brittle Ground item?

Brittle Ground is an effect that can be found on shoes. This piece of equipment can be found in the game world or simply purchased. Interestingly, the price for such an item is not particularly exorbitant.

If you want, the Brittle Ground effect can also be applied independently to the shoes you own - all you have to do is purchase the appropriate modifier with one of the Eldritch Ember currencies. If you need to get it, you can do it in several ways. Lesser Eldritch Ember can be found randomly in the world. You will acquire the other three currencies - Greater Eldritch Ember, Grand Eldritch Ember, Exceptional Eldritch Ember - by defeating such bosses as The Black Star and The Searing Exarch.

How to upgrade Brittle Ground?

You can also increase the effect of Brittle Ground and extend its duration. Another currency - Orb of Conflict - will be used for this. You will acquire it by defeating Maven.

If you want to make the most of Brittle Ground then combine it with another skill. A perfect example here is Blade Vortex. This is a spell that deals physical area damage in close proximity to the character. Thanks to it, you can injure many surrounding opponents in a very short period of time.

Agnes Adamus

Agnes Adamus

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