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News guides 30 March 2023, 14:54

author: Agnes Adamus

How to Set the Time on Clocks in Demonologist

If you are playing Demonologist and trying to figure out how to set your clocks correctly, here is the solution to your problem.

Demonologist is a game that will appeal to fans of Phasmophobia. The game enables up to four players, carry out investigations in haunted places and then expel the ghost. However, in order for the exorcism to be successful, you need to perform certain actions, which depend on the map on which you play. Among them was the setting of clocks. Here you will learn how to do it correctly.

Demonologist - how to set clocks?

If you play on the Cyclone St. map, then completing the exorcism will require you to set the time of death of the ghost on the clocks.. This activity is relatively simple. All you have to do is drive up to one of them, interact with it and move the hands to a specific time.

The bigger problem, however, is to determine at what time the ghost took a life. The hour is written in ectoplasm on one of the walls in the location. For the search you must use Ecto Glass. With its help, scan every surface you see.

How to Set the Time on Clocks in Demonologist - picture #1

Demonologist - what is Ecto Glass?

Ecto Glass is a small tool, costing 1,500, that looks a bit like a magnifying glass. By looking through it, you are able to see traces left by the ghost that are not visible to the naked eye. It enables you to reveal inscriptions left with ectoplasm.

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