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News guides 15 May 2023, 15:07

author: Adam Adamczyk

How to Unlock Travel Post in Wartales

In this guide you will learn how to unlock travel post in Wartales. You will also find additional information related to this mechanic.

Wartales is developing rapidly all the time, and thanks to regular updates players can experience not only less bugs, but, above all, new features that make the gameplay even more enjoyable. There are quite a few useful mechanics in the game, and in this guide you will learn how to unlock travel post in Wartales.

How to unlock travel post in Wartales

Travel post is nothing more than a fast travel system, which significantly reduces the time it takes to move between cities. However, it should be noted that access to it is limited, because you need to meet several requirements to use such a facility.

  1. First of all, you need to unlock Level 4 of Trade and Craftsmanship. This can be done by completing challenges related to this particular path.
  2. Once this is done, we will be able to put a travel post between the selected locations. The price depends on the city.
  3. Fast travel costs a certain amount of provisions, and in addition, there is a tax on the transported goods, which must be paid.

Additional information on travel post

Fast travel is not the only convenience that the developers have introduced. A very useful addition is the Trading Post Chest, which has unlimited capacity.. With it you can access the items stored inside. However, you have to build it in each city separately. On top of that, using it is not free.

Achievements are associated with building a travel post, but sometimes they do not appear or may only appear after some time. These are:

  1. Feels like home - Build a travel post in Tiltren
  2. Where the water tastes like Wine - Build a travel post in Vertruse
  3. War is the most profitable business - Build a travel post in Arthes
  4. Off the beaten track - Build a travel post in Ludern
  5. Rags to riches - Build a travel post in Grinmeer
  6. In all weathers - Build a travel post in Drombach

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