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News video games 24 April 2023, 16:15

'You Only See Them Once' - This Action Game Generates New Open Worlds Every Time You Start the Game

An interesting offer for roguelike and action game enthusiasts will soon appear on Steam. Hyper Light Breaker is an independent game that generates new open worlds every time you start the game.

This year's Early Access on Steam will see the release of Hyper Light Breaker, a sequel to the 2016 action RPG Hyper Light Drifter. The games are to be connected only by a shared universe, not by a storyline - knowledge of the predecessor will not be required.

As is the case with many roguelikes, here too we will have to deal with a procedurally generated world. However, it will differ significantly from the others.

A new world every time

In Heart Machine's developer blog entry, published some time ago on Steam, the developers explained how the development process went for Hyper Light Breaker and what makes the game unique.

The game will feature an open map with a variety of biomes. Initially, the developers planned a linear progression, but abandoned this idea in favor of a smooth transition between biomes, which change every time we approach the game anew. How does this differ from classic procedurally generated worlds? The developers answer:

"This change [in the game development process - ed. note] gives us:

  • highly differentiated landmarks on a global scale, which will result in entirely new biomes to explore, instead of just variations of the same environments;
  • the ability to generate dynamic, global components of the world that affect the entire gameplay, rather than just stage- or biome-specific aspects, which is expected to result in access to a host of interesting mechanics;
  • a truly open world that is procedurally generated with biomes seamlessly transitioning from one to another on the same map.

As a result, after starting the game over again each time, players are supposed to get a more diverse map, instead of locations that are seemingly different, but composed of the same building blocks, just arranged differently.

Hyper Light Breaker will be playable in networked co-op mode. Neither the full release date nor the Early Access debut is known at this point. The latter can be expected later this year.

Michal Ciezadlik

Michal Ciezadlik

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