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News guides 07 April 2023, 15:05

author: Agnes Adamus

Is There Split Screen in Meet Your Maker? Quick Answer

If you are wondering if there is a split screen mode in Meet Your Maker then here is the answer.

Meet Your Maker is the latest game from Behaviour Interactive, a studio best known for Dead By Daylight. This title offers an asymmetric multiplayer mode, in which you create your own fortress, riddled with traps. Then your creation can be invaded by other players. On the other hand, you, too, do not remain indebted and raid the community-built constructions. Here you will find information about whether there is split-screen and crossplay in the game.

Meet Your Maker - is there split-screen?

Meet Your Maker offers the ability to play in co-op. In this mode you can raid bases created by other players together with a friend. What is important, however, you must have two separate computers or consoles. This is because the title does not have the ability to play on one device in split-screen mode.

Meet Your Maker - is there crossplay?

Meet Your Maker has a limited version of crossplay. In the game's settings you can toggle whether the game will enable you to raid bases of players from other platforms.. On the other hand, however, even if you enable this option you still won't be able to play in co-op with a friend who owns the game on other device.

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It is worth bearing in mind that Meet Your Maker already received its first DLC at the time of release - Scorched Necropolis. It adds a number of cosmetic items to the game. You can find more about it in the text below.

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Meet Your Maker

Meet Your Maker

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