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Meet Your Maker - Depleted Base; Fix Your Outpost

In this guide we will talk about depleted base in Meet Your Maker. Check out why your outpost is not working and how to fix it.

Not long ago, on April 4th, a new IP from the creators of Dead by Daylight was released. Meet Your Maker was well received by the players but not without complaints. The game oscillates around 80% rating on Steam which classifies it as “Very Positive”. Its core mechanic strongly resembles The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot developed by Ubisoft in 2019. Meet Your Maker’s gameplay focuses on building an outpost that other players can raid for rewards and attacking other people’s bases. The outposts that are built passively generate a resource called GenMat, yet it can be depleted in time. Let’s see how that happens.

Base Mechanics Explained

After building your base and spiking it with traps and enemies, the outpost can be activated in order for other players to raid it. The more players raid your base and attempt to complete it, the more Prestige Points you will get. Points are awarded for death count during raids and accolades given by the players if they liked the challenge.

Each base also generates GenMat. It is one of the resources used in the game. The more outposts you build, the more GenMat you will get. Your outposts gain it passively, but only for specific amount of time.

How to Fix Depleted Outpost

As previously mentioned, after certain time your base will deplete and will no longer generate the resource. You can see the Time Before Depletion under the GenMat Stats section of Base’s menu. There is no way to prevent this, yet it’s possible to refresh the time in which the outpost will generate GenMat.

Meet Your Maker - Depleted Base; Fix Your Outpost - picture #1

The only way to make bases generate more resource after depletion is to level up their prestige. Levelling up your base’s prestige costs points so it’s important to make your bases as appealing and deadly as possible. This will allow you maximizing the profit you can get from your outpost.

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