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News guides 05 April 2023, 00:12

author: Damian Gacek

Prestige in Meet Your Maker; How to Watch Replays

Prestige is one of the core mechanics in Meet Your Maker. In this guide we will tell about it. What is more, we will inform you how to watch replays.

Behaviour Interactive has recently launched a new game called Meet Your Maker, which is different from their previous title Dead By Daylight in terms of genre. In MYM, players are tasked with stealing from the bases of other people, who have set up traps and enemies to prevent such boldness. The game requires fans to be patient and persistent, as it involves multiple attempts at the same map. In this guide we will talk about one of the core mechanics in Meet You Maker – prestige. Additionally, we will tell you how to watch replays.

What is prestige in Meet Your Maker

Prestige is gathered by your fortresses. You can look at it as points for maps created by you. You can gain them by players’ deaths and thanks to rewards given by them. Each outpost earns them separately.

Prestige in Meet Your Maker; How to Watch Replays - picture #1

Meet Your Maker

When you have enough points, you can pay for higher prestige lvl. It is possible to do it in the building mode. Sadly, you have to also pay some in-game currency to do that. However, don’t do it too early or you will lose an important perk connected with it.

Bonusses of leveling prestige

  1. It renews your outposts – your fortresses gather a resource called GenMat. They do it passively. However, after some time, it will be depleted and your map will close for other players. When it happens, you can level up your outpost and renew this valuable material.
  2. It makes your build capacity bigger – each outpost has a capacity. It determines how many traps, minions and other elements you can use. The cap rises when you level up your prestige.
  3. You gain XP – simply as that.

Max prestige lvl

In Meet You Maker you can earn prestige up to lvl 10. After that you can either abandon/destroy the map or move it to the Social tab. You can do it in the building mode.

Sadly, maps in Social do not bring any profits for the creator. However, players will be able to enjoy them.

How to earn more prestige

Prestige in Meet Your Maker; How to Watch Replays - picture #2

The obvious answer to this question is to make better outposts. Your maps should kill as many people as possible, but at the same time they should be entertaining, so the players will retry them and leave rewards. It is also possible to buy a boost at Guard Advisor, which will make earning prestige faster for a little bit.

Nevertheless, the best way to earn more prestige is to watch replays. You can see how other players were dealing with your map. Thanks to this knowledge, you will learn what are weaknesses and strengths of your construction. Remodel your outpost using this information.

How to watch replays in Meet Your Maker

Prestige in Meet Your Maker; How to Watch Replays - picture #3

To watch your replays in Meet Your Maker, you need to go left from the entrance (the place where you appear after entering the game). You will see few screens there. It is the place. You can watch here replays of others and your own.

It is worth noting that at the moment many players report bugs connected with replays. Mostly if they want to do something during them (for example rewind). So, for now, it is better to just watch them and don’t play with the settings too much.

Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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Meet Your Maker

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