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News video games 16 January 2023, 12:29

Is Torchlight Infinite P2W

Many players wonder whether Torchlight Infinite is a P2W game. In this article, we answer this question and explain what might influence it.

Torchlight Infinite is a typical hack'n'slash, in which players defeat waves of enemies while acquiring a ton of items. Despite the fact that the game's multiplayer mode has not been fully introduced at this point, there are concerns among players as to whether the game will accidentally become P2W. If you're looking for answers to that, read this article.

Is Torchlight Infinite P2W?

It's hard to say unequivocally whether the game is a pay to win title. Part of the community shares the opinion that Torchlight Infinite at a certain stage of gameplay can become such a game, mainly because of Pactspirits, which enhance character stats.

On the other hand, these are not very high values. Comparing the same characters attacking the training dummy with and without Pactspirits equipped, you can see that the damage is not very different. The time in which we reach the maximum value is very similar. On top of that, at this point the game lacks a PvP mode, in which players could actually win against other players just because they have rarer Pactspirits.

Pactspirits in Torchlight Infinite

The biggest problem lies in Pactspirits. They affect character builds, offering an additional bonus to stats. There would be nothing wrong with that, if it referred only to increased chances to drop items, or a bonus to experience points. Unfortunately, they also affect your character essential stats, boosting health, attack, mana regeneration or reducing the damage you receive.

Is Torchlight Infinite P2W - picture #1

Pactspirits are obtained in a similar way to loot boxes in other games. This is a typical gacha system, like in Genshin Impact. To obtain them, the player must spend special currency, which they won't get much of by performing in-game activities. The fastest way to get it is by spending real money. Of course, the rarest ones, i.e. legendary Pactspirits, offer much more bonuses. It is worth noting, however, that they are still not very high values that completely facilitate gameplay.

Lack of PvP in Torchlight Infinite

In the case of games such as Torchlight Infinite, very often in PvP modes the winners are the players who spent more money than their opponent. At the time of writing, the multiplayer mode has not yet been fully implemented (among other, the PvP), so only after its addition will it be possible to determine whether Torchlight Infinite will become a P2W game and whether it will be well balanced.

Paid characters in Battle Pass

It is also worth mentioning that in order to unlock certain characters in Torchlight Infinite, you have to spend real money for the purchase of the Battle Pass. It should be noted that the characters themselves are not pay to win. While their traits enable you can create your builds differently, they are not required to be able to win against a given opponent.

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