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News guides 12 May 2023, 11:31

author: Aleksander Kartasinski

Torchlight Infinite - What is Insight Essence?

Torchlight Infinite has been released in version 1.0. Being a free to play game, it takes from the gacha genre by using a lot of currencies. Here you will learn about one of them - Insight Essence.

After a series of closed and open betas, Torchlight Infinite debuted on May 10th with already third season called "Cube of Rapacity". It is the fourth instalment of Torchlight series. This time though the game is not developed by its original creators, Runic Games, but Chinese company XD Inc.

The title adopted new free to play model and is released on PC, Android and iOS. Regardless of the platform, all fans can play together as the game supports crossplay. As many f2p productions, Torchlight Infinite offers a lot of currencies to buy in-game content. Here you will learn what Insight Essence is.

What is Insight Essence in Torchlight Infinite

Insight Essence is one of the currencies in Torchlight Infinite. It allows to make a purchase in Pactspirit Shop. With Insight Essence you can buy following items:

  1. Plaintive Ball of Thread – Flower (100 Insight Essence),
  2. [Survival / Summon / Attack] Legendary Insignia (400 Insight Essence),
  3. Pactspirit Crystal (20 Insight Essence),
  4. Appearance Crystal (20 Insight Essence),
  5. Revival Token (6 Insight Essence),
  6. Elixir of Oblivion (6 Insight Essence),
  7. Plaintive Ball of Thread - Gold Leaf (100 Insight Essence),
  8. Hell Cavalry – Sea (100 Insight Essence).

Being a form of permanent progression tied to your account, Pactspirits do not influence the gameplay in a major way. They are nice addition to the game yet not required to fully enjoy it.

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Torchlight: Infinite

Torchlight: Infinite

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