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News guides 18 July 2023, 11:23

author: Damian Gacek

Jagged Alliance 3 (JA3) - Bastien Decision Explained

In this guide we will talk about Bastien in JA3. Learn what to do with him.

Source: Jagged Alliance 3, developer: Haemimont Games

Within the nation of Grand Chien, the disappearance of the elected president has resulted in the ascent of the paramilitary faction known as "The Legion." In Jagged Alliance 3, you join the President's family on a mission to enlist capable mercenaries and locate country’s missing leader, aiming to reinstate harmony. Assume the role of the military group's commander and undertake strategic missions to restore order. Along the way, you'll have the opportunity to complete various quests, including one that involves Bastien, a small gang leader.

JA3 Bastien – meeting #1

Bastien can be met in the sector you have started the game (I1). He is on the beach. If you have missed him, you may find him there till you attack the fort (Bastien is one of the guards there and will be killed by you). There are a few outcomes of this encounter:

  1. Let him go – before you do that you may talk with him to learn more about Legion and to learn that he is also part of this organization. You can find him later in H3 sector.
  2. Kill him – it will automatically lower the defense of the fort. However, Pierre will not like it. If you wish to recruit him later, don’t kill Bastien. You will get 150 exp and 10 Loyalty with Ernie.
  3. Get diamonds – if you talk with Bastien, you will discover that he is from The Legion. If you have wisdom high enough, you may demand small diamonds from him. He will give you 3.

JA3 Bastien – meeting #2

Jagged Alliance 3 (JA3) - Bastien Decision Explained - picture #1

When you visit the H3 sector, near the border of the map, there is a small camp. It is Bastien’s base. He has some bandits with him and wants some money from you. You may:

  1. Pay him – you will give him $1000. You will get 150 exp but he will be still part of the fort defense.
  2. Hands up – you may threaten Bastien yourself. You can get from him his weapons (AK-47, MP40 and some ammo, you have to take it from the ground), you will get 150 exp and 5 Ernie Loyalty / $115 and diamonds (if you have passed the wisdom check in the previous meeting), you will get also 150 exp. He will be no longer part of fort defense.
  3. Trick him – if you pick conversation option regarding hospitality, you will be able to tell his companions that he is stealing from them (works if you have Fox in your squad). You will get 300 exp for that. And he will be no longer part of fort defense.
  4. Kill him – you may simply attack Bastien and his people. Killing them will give you 150 exp, 15 Loyalty with Ernie and he will be no longer part of fort defense (obviously). However if you wish to cooperate with Pierre later, it is better to keep him alive.

JA3 Bastien – meeting #3

If you let Bastien go, you will meet him in the future in Refugee Camp (E9). He is smuggling food. Once again you may decide his fait:

  1. We’re here for you – this option will not start a fight, but it is necessary to pick it, to force Bastien into pro bono work in the later part of conversation. It will give you 25 loyalty with Refugee Camp and some EXP.
  2. What is the deal with food rations – if you pick this conversation option, you will be able to learn more about his business. If you have someone with Scoundrel perk (like Fox), it will be possible to convince him to give you your share. However, regardless of his statement that he is giving you something, the game will not grant you anything. If you wait a week (in accordance with Bastien’s promise), he will not appear either. We do not know if this is a bug or a feature (Bastien being Bastien). You will get some EXP for this decision though.
  3. Kill him – once again you will be able to kill him, but this decision will not bring any additional effects. You may loot some Small Diamonds.

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