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News guides 09 July 2024, 03:20

Jane Doe in ZZZ (Zenless Zone Zero) as 1.1 character? Explained

Do you wonder what other characters will appear in Zenless Zone Zero in patch 1.1 and whether Jane Doe will be among them? In our article we explain this question.

Source: Zenless Zone Zero, developer: HoYoverse

Zenless Zone Zero, as befits a gacha game, mainly relies on interesting teammates that you can acquire and use in your fights. So, it's not surprising that announcements of newer and newer characters are very popular. In the upcoming patch 1.1, as is often the case, there will be a new banner of characters, so you can try your luck at getting them. However, who will appear next? There has been a lot of speculation about Jane Doe as the upcoming heroine. However, is it for sure? We will explain this question in our article.

Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) – Jane Doe as 1.1 possible character

With the upcoming patch 1.1 for Zenless Zone Zero, the players’ community is speculating what characters will appear in the next banner and whether it will be worth saving your pulls for them. We are talking about characters such as QingYi, Seth and Jane Doe, among others. In the case of the first two, their appearance is almost certain, mainly due to the drip marketing conducted by HoYoverse. Usually such a procedure precedes the appearance of the new teammates in the game. Only in the case of Jane Doe, such a thing has not yet occurred. However, there are rumors that she is next in.

What's important is that all of the mentioned characters have appeared before in the official ZZZ trailer. In the case of Jane Doe, she only makes a brief appearance, however, it can be seen that she is a human-mouse hybrid and fights using her tail, which makes her physical/melee warrior.

A logical approach to the situation tells us that these characters may become the next ones to be acquired. However, this is not yet 100% confirmed and things could change. Keep an eye on Zenless Zone Zero's official channels, as another drip marketing may appear any moment, this time about Jane Doe.

Dawid Lubczynski

Dawid Lubczynski

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