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News video games 29 December 2023, 08:30

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Lags in Diablo 4; Not the Gifts Players Expected From Blizzard

Diablo 4 players have been complaining about lags since launch, but it looks like they are happening more often just in time for Christmas.

Source: Blizzard Entertainment.

It's not likely that any gamer will be offended by sales or free trial versions on the occasion of Christmas. However, some Diablo IV players blame Christmas promotions for the game's frequent lags.

Complaints about lag have been around since the launch, in fact. Even when many fans (though not all) praised what they consider to be successful changes in Season of Blood, there was no shortage of Internet users grumbling about the lag. However, it seems that in recent days this has happened much more often than before.

These problems are sometimes serious enough to make gameplay virtually impossible. On social networks, one can find players who have wasted hours preparing for an in-game event (for example, Blood Harvest) - only to have sudden "freezes" or character "jumps" caused by lag (or disconnection from the server) ruin the fun. Which is especially painful when it results in the loss of a character in Hardcore mode (via threads on Reddit / Steam).

It is also important to remember that Diablo 4 requires a constant connection to the Internet, even when playing solo. Unfortunately, this means that lags can also happen during solo play. This makes sense considering that D4 is a defacto pseudo-MMORPG, but it's poor consolation for those who prefer single-player adventures.

As for the source of these delays, gamers give various explanations. Some even blame... the Christmas sales at store and Steam. Among the discounted items were all editions of Diablo IV. In addition, a month ago the players received another chance to check out the game for free, and until January 18, Amazon Prime Gaming subscribers can earn exclusive cosmetic items.

Add to that players who simply have more time to play during the Christmas break. All of this can put a sigificantly heavier load on the game's servers, which is supposedly typical for Blizzard's games during the Christmas period. Admittedly, the effects of these discounts are not particularly visible on Steam (via SteamDB), but console releases and, of course, remain.

Jacob Blazewicz

Jacob Blazewicz

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