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News video games 05 August 2021, 16:52

author: Qskan

Grifters in LoL Go Virtually Unpunished; Players are Fed Up

According to League of Legends players, there is no good way in the game to deal with so-called „grifters”, players who intentionally make others miserable during the game.

League of Legends has remained the most popular MOBA game for years, and yet it still faces same difficulties that have existed in the game for years. One such unsolvable problem is trolling players, preventing others from enjoying the game. One Reddit user admitted (and along with over 8,000 other users who upvoted his post - now removed by the moderation) that the ticket system from LoL is, to put it mildly, inefficient, which puts the rest of the players in a situation with two choices: play a match and almost certainly lose it, or quit during the character selection screen and lose valuable points and time.

"There is no defense against lobby terrorists, there is no way to win against them.

Even Riot has admitted that the lobby submission system is useless.

If you don't debug the game, four innocent players lose time, LP [League Points - ed. note], and mmr [Matchmaking Rating - ed. note], while the terrorist gets satisfaction out of it because he doesn't care about the outcome. If the person trolling is smart enough to stay out of sight, they will never get banned unless they repeatedly spam the n-word in chat.

If you want to avoid the game you still have to pay sometimes and 3-10 LP per dodge, unfortunately that doesn't stop the terrorist from lining up again and doing the same thing over and over again. I am writing this thread after leaving two lobbies with trolls like this. Only 20 minutes left until I can queue again, can't wait to get my first 24h dodge ban," writes user magnFLOR

Dodge is the name given to the phenomenon of leaving a LoLmatch while still in character selection before the actual game. The person leaving the lobby is then temporarily banned from joining the game, and the rest of the players must seek out the lobby again. This is less disruptive than going AFK during a game, but it's certainly not a comfortable situation for those seeking a match.

The situation is perplexing because a few months ago, Riot Games decided to increase the penalties for leaving the game during character selection - for each subsequent exit from the lobby, the player loses proportionally more league points, and their ban gets extended. Along with the current ineffective system of reporting trolling players in the lobby, we get the aforementioned problems. As is widely known, not only the amount, but also the inevitability of the punishment is an important preventative factor. Riot Games has a reputation as a studio that listens to its community and responds to feedback, so we can expect more attempts to address this issue in the future.

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