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News video games 03 November 2020, 19:29

author: Paul Wozniak

LoL Players Want Honoring Enemies Back

League of Legends players have made it clear to the devs that they want to see the in-game honoring of their opponents feature restored. The option was removed in 2017, when the honor system was completely rebuilt.

In 2017, the honor system (used to reward the best players in a match) was redesigned in League of Legends. Previously, it included the option of awarding a player from the rival team after the game with the badge of "Great Opponent", which distinguished the player playing against whom was a great experience (e.g. he was either very good or humbly accepted defeat).

However, this option was removed with the introduction of the changes mentioned at the beginning of the news (among other things, honor ranks and reward were added at that time), but everything seems to indicate that players can't get over losing it even now. A thread appeared on Reddit, in which one of the users admitted that he would like to return the ability to honor their opponent, and many seem to share this opinion - so far the entry has been awarded more than 27 thousand upvotes and several dozen badges, and a discussion about the old function rages in the comments.

Changes in the system of honor in the League of Legends:

User CenjoTV revealed that the developers decided to get rid of this option because it was used in a negative way by the best players on a Korean server. They reportedly gave the "Great Opponent" to those who were easily annoyed and surrendered, so that in subsequent games others could recognize such people (through the visible badge on the loading screen) and make them loose their cool, thus making the match much easier.

However, many players in the lower divisions agreed that this was a great feature, and the timing of getting a badge from even a few opponents was extremely rewarding. I can admit that I have never felt that I had received the badge in a negative sense, and even now, I would be happy to honor my rivals as "Great Opponents" on more than one occasion. However, there is no indication that the creators at Riot Games intend to introduce such an opportunity again in the near future.

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