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News video games 14 March 2022, 14:57

author: Adrian Werner

BioWare Hires Lessons From the Screenplay Host to Work on Mass Effect 5

A Youtuber known for analyzing plots of video games and movies has joined BioWare, where he will be working on Mass Effect 5.

  1. BioWare has hired a youtuber who specializes in analyzing the plots of movies, TV series, and video games;
  2. He became famous with a video in which he presented his own vision of the Mass Effect TV series;
  3. At BioWare the creator will work on Mass Effect 5.

The team responsible for the new installment of Mass Effect is joined by a popular youtuber Michael Tucker. The creator was probably engaged to help with the game's story.

Youtuber is known mainly from the channel dedicated to script analysis, called Lessons from the Screenplay (1.42 million subscribers). Last year he also launched the Story Mode channel, which focuses on analyzing the storylines of video games. The creator has prepared many videos dedicated to the Mass Effect franchise, the most popular of which is Why Mass Effect Should Be the Next Game of Thrones and it was probably one of the reasons why BioWare decided to hire Tucker.

In the aforementioned video the creator discusses why Mass Effect is a perfect material for a TV adaptation and presents his own vision of how such an adaptation could look like.

Tucker is very familiar with the setting of Mass Effect and understands what makes the brand so appealing to millions of gamers. That's why his involvement with BioWare is very good news and shows that the studio is doing its best to make the series' return a success.

BioWare Hires Lessons From the Screenplay Host to Work on Mass Effect 5 - picture #1
Source: Twitter.

The reputation of the series has been severely undermined by the disappointing Mass Effect: Andromeda, but last year's release of the remastered trilogy of Commander Shepard's adventures in the form of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition reignited interest in the brand.

So far BioWare has not revealed the planned release date for Mass Effect 5. It is worth adding at the end that according to recent reports Amazon Prime Video is preparing a TV adaptation of the games.

  1. Mass Effect - official website

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