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News video games 11 August 2022, 14:12

author: Miriam Moszczynska

Minecraft 1.20 Needs One Key Change, Players Agree

Minecraft players would love to see a change in the outdated inventory system. This is one of the most anticipated changes that Mojang may introduce in update 1.20.

Admittedly, the current version of Minecraft is 1.19.2, but players can't stop thinking about what might be featured in the next one. Suggestions for changes that may be coming in 1.20 are many, although one stands out from the crowd.

Changes in equipment needed now

An aspect of the game that players very often pay attention to is the inventory. Contrary to appearances, it's not just about its organization (although this indeed leaves much to be desired), but also the mechanics associated with it.

This topic saw the comment by youtuber xisumavoid in one of his videos. His nearly 20-minute material contains not only an explanation of the problems faced by players, but also suggestions for their solutions.

Interestingly, his suggestions are based on modifications that players have previously created. These include, for example, shulker chests that collect items and automatically replenish the materials we use, as well as putting up stairs or half-blocks while holding the basic material (around 14:38 in the video).

Among the suggestions given are also those simpler to work out, such as the ability to switch between rows in the inventory or to move items to chests more quickly.

The suggestions are many, which only shows how much room for improvement Mojang has. Let's hope that version 1.20 will actually see some changes in this direction.

What else are fans eager to see in version 1.20?

The answer to such a question brought a big brainstorm in the Minecraft communiyy. Interestingly, the topic of skylights, which the community lamented at the release of version 1.19, did not come up at all.

Some of the best suggestions for changes can be found below.

  1. Adding features to the fletching table so that it can be used.
  2. More abandoned structures (like sunken ships) and unique items that can be found in them.
  3. A "Scraps and Salvage" update that would add content that Mojang has abandoned, including the archaeology system.
  4. Refreshing the Nether (including the fortress) and diversifying what we can find in the End. Both of these locations have been forgotten, according to players.
  5. The latest to emerge is the rollback of an update introducing a new moderation system, which involved, among other things, the reporting messages in chat.
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