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News video games 26 May 2021, 16:23

author: Angelika Kaldus

Minecraft Fans Discovered Intriguing Detail About Creepers

One Reddit user has discovered an intriguing new detail about everyone's hated mobs in Minecraft - creepers. Fans are coming up with various theories about their true story.

  • One Reddit user discovered that originally the creepers' faces were glued onto a leaf texture;
  • Various theories have been put forward - such as that creepers are actually plants or creatures hiding behind leaves.

As is widely known, creepers were created due to a programming error - it was supposed to be a pig, but the result was a funny green man. Markus "Notch" Persson, the creator of Minecraft, liked this "misdesign" so much that he decided to use it as enemies in the game. Now it turns out that the original texture of the creepers were... leaves. And a face sticked on them.

Minecraft Fans Discovered Intriguing Detail About Creepers - picture #1
Source: dead_5775, r/Minecraft, Reddit

Reddit user dead_5775 discovered this correlation and showed it to the world by inserting the above image. In the thread a passionate discussion aroused about whether this is just a coincidence or maybe there is something more behind it. So far, two interesting theories have been proposed - that creepers hide under leaves or that creepers are plants.

Could the true appearance of creepers be hidden behind leaves? Some say that the enemies are supposed to resemble the dead, carrying explosives, or simply be walking dynamite sticks. However, others point out that "creeper" is to be taken literally, as a vine plant. Their exploding may therefore be a way of spreading spores or seeds, which then develop in the body of the carrier. The theory was also based on a former post by Notch, in which he said that creepers reminded him of brittle, dry leaves.

Of course, subsequent comments from Reddit users exploded in numbers and started developing new ideas about the "true" reason for the appearance of creepers - for example, one according to which the enemies are necromancers with a penchant for gardening. Perhaps there is no deep philosophy in all this, and perhaps there is a darker story hidden behind our popular enemies from Minecraft. Who knows?