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Netflix Games Launches; Video Games Now Available to Subscribers

Adam Krolak, 02 November 2021, 22:39

Netflix Games officially launches. From today, all subscribers can play several titles at no extra charge thanks to VoD's platform new service.

CoD Vanguard PC Requirements and New Trailer

Adam Krolak, 02 November 2021, 21:43

Sledgehammer Games and Beenox have shared Vanguard's system requirements on PC and preload details. We also received another explosive trailer that gives us a feel for the upcoming Call of Duty game.

Kratos, Nathan Drake and Aloy Are in the Game - PlayStation Advertises Champions League

Paul Musiolik, 02 November 2021, 21:28

Sony has used its most popular characters to advertise the Champions League. Kratos, Nathan Drake, Ratchet and Aloy all help out players on the field.

Cheating Minecraft Players Targeted by Hackers

Adam Krolak, 02 November 2021, 21:14

Minecraft players who want to use a list of stolen accounts are being attacked by malware that damages computer files. The only way out is to pay a ransom.

Battlefield 2042 on PC More Beautiful Thanks Nvidia's Options; Consoles Without 120 FPS at Launch

Michael Zegar, 02 November 2021, 20:59

Battlefield 2042 on PC will debut with support for ray tracing, Nvidia DLSS and Nvidia Reflex. The 120 fps mode on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles will probably not appear in the near future - the developers explain why.

Google Employees Oppose Company's Cooperation With Israel

Arkadiusz Strzala, 02 November 2021, 17:36

Employees protest against the Nimbus project, a joint initiative of Google, Amazon and the Israeli government. Several of them renounce the anonymity of the petition and at the same time reveal their Semitic nationality.

Minecraft Now Available on Game Pass

Hubert Sledziewski, 02 November 2021, 15:54

Minecraft is now available in Xbox Game Passon PC. Subscribers can download the game in two versions - Java Edition and Bedrock Edition - which make up the Minecraft PC Bundle. The subscription itself can now be purchased for $1 for three months.

Riot Gears Up for Arcane; Big Changes in LoL and Events Inbound

Michal Ciezadlik, 02 November 2021, 15:52

Developers at Riot Games are preparing a lot of surprises and interesting events related to the launch of the TV series Arcane. In addition, they also announce a lot of gameplay changes that will be introduced to League of Legends in the coming weeks.

New World's Gold Duplication Glitch Spawned Drastic Restrictions on Servers

Adrian Werner, 02 November 2021, 15:04

Gold duplication glitch in New World turned out to be such a big problem that the devs were forced to temporarily limit the functions of the virtual economy. Unfortunately, the changes caused the creation of another quick income exploit.

Crusader Kings 3 Battles Now in Bannerlord Thanks to Ambitious Mod

Przemyslaw Dygas, 02 November 2021, 14:56

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord and Crusader Kings 3 as one game? Modders have made this combination as possible.

Steam Deck - Valve Invites to Steamworks Conference

Adrian Werner, 02 November 2021, 13:31

Next week, Valve will hold a conference on Steamworks, aiming to help game developers make their games work on Steam Deck.

GTA: San Andreas VR is Being Developed by the Team Behind L.A. Noire VR

Paul Musiolik, 02 November 2021, 12:11

The team which brought L.A. Noire to virtual reality is responsible for GTA: San Andreas VR. This gives hope for a decent port.