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News video games 02 November 2021, 15:04

author: Adrian Werner

New World's Gold Duplication Glitch Spawned Drastic Restrictions on Servers

Gold duplication glitch in New World turned out to be such a big problem that the devs were forced to temporarily limit the functions of the virtual economy. Unfortunately, the changes caused the creation of another quick income exploit.

  1. Gold duplication exploit forced Amazon Games to temporarily block all forms of wealth transfer between players;
  2. The blockade was applied carelessly and resulted in a new method of gold duplication;
  3. The creators warn that people using these exploits will get banned.

New World's virtual economy is plagued by constant crises. Not long ago there were problems with deflation, and now due to a technical error that allows for gold duplication, the developers have been forced to suspend all forms of transfer of goods between players.

As a result, we lost the ability to, among other things, send currency to other players, fund guild treasuries, sell items at trading posts, as well as trade directly with other users. All these changes are temporary and the functions will return when the devs are sure that the exploit has been removed.

As you may remember, the reason for all the confusion was the discovery of an easy method of gold duplication. Some players, after moving to another server, received the floowing message: "Character_Persist_Failure". If they gave the gold to someone who did not experience this error and logged out immediately they did not lose the money but the gold still appeared in the other account.

What's interesting, the temporary restrictions that were supposed to be used to fight the aforementioned bug resulted in opening a new gateway for clever users.. Currently, when owners of in-game cities attempt to upgrade their elements, the upgrade is not initiated (due to a transaction lock) and no money is charged. However, we only need to reconnect for the unspent funds to be "returned" to our bank, giving us the amount we would have paid if everything worked.

We discourage you from using such methods because Amazon Games announced that they will ban users for using the original duplication method and no doubt it will be the same with the second one.

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