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GTA V Better on PS5 Than on PC; Digital Foundry Analyzes Next-gen Version

Patrick Kubiak, 19 March 2022, 16:55

Grand Theft Auto V is now available on next-gen consoles, as well as a refreshed version on PC. So how does the PlayStation 5 version compare to the PS4, and why does it annoy PC gamers?

Elden Ring PC Glitch Lets Users Spoil Other Players' Save Data

Adrian Werner, 19 March 2022, 15:49

A nasty exploit has been discovered in the PC version of Elden Ring, enabling malicious users to corrupt other players' save data.

New World Roadmap for 2022 Revealed; New Areas, Expeditions, Weapons

Patrick Kubiak, 19 March 2022, 15:30

New World players are in for a treat, as revealed by developers at Amazon Game Studios decided in a nearly hour-long video.

Uboat Prepares to Leave Early Access

Adrian Werner, 19 March 2022, 15:16

PlayWay's CEO has poiformed that in the next six months we will see the release of the full version of UBOAT, the submarine simulator game that has been in early access development for several years now.