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Patch 2.4 for Diablo 2 Resurrected Fixed and Will be Back on Test Servers

Agnes Adamus, 01 March 2022, 21:11

Tomorrow, Diablo 2 Resurrected's public test servers will once again receive patch 2.4. This time players will be able to try out the ranked mode and other changes to the game balance.

Xbox and PC Game Pass for Early March; Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy and More

Michael Zegar, 01 March 2022, 21:05

In the first half of March the Game Pass subscription will include, among others, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. What's more, new features have been added to the Xbox PC app. It is possible that we got to know the game that will be one of the first to use the DirectStorage technology.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition and Desperados 3 in New Humble Choice (Rumor)

Agnes Adamus, 01 March 2022, 16:51

A leak has surfaced that suggests what titles are coming to Humble Choice in March. It shows that this month we may receive Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Desperados III, Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan and Nebuchadnezzar, among others.

Elder Scrolls Fans Wish Recovery to Legendary „Skyrim Grandma”

Adam Krolak, 01 March 2022, 16:23

The popular „Skyrim Grandma” suffered a stroke and does not know how her gaming career will go. Fans of The Elder Scrolls have showered the youtuber with words of support and wish her a speedy recovery.

CJ Can Take Selfies Again, GTA Trilogy Patch Fixes Lenses

Hubert Sledziewski, 01 March 2022, 15:51

Rockstar has released patch 1.04 for GTA: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition. The patch introduces 126 fixes and is available on all dedicated consoles and PC.

Pokemon Day: Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet Announced

Matt Buckley, 01 March 2022, 15:08

During the Pokemon Presents for the game’s 25th Anniversary today, the Pokemon Company had many small updates, and one major announcement: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Elden Ring Mod Finally Adds Pause Option

Adrian Werner, 01 March 2022, 13:43

FromSoftware did not include an option to pause the game in Elden Ring. So one fan developed a mod to add such a feature.

Console Ports Ruled on Steam in January, Including God of War

Adrian Werner, 01 March 2022, 13:30

We got to know the biggest releases of January on Steam. Among them were ports of console hits in the form of God of War and Monster Hunter: Rise.

Minecraft 1.18.2 Warns of End of 32-bit Support

Przemyslaw Dygas, 01 March 2022, 13:17

Minecraft has received update 1.18.2. In addition to introducing many fixes, the patch announces the imminent end of support for 32-bit systems.

City Builder From Grim Dawn Devs Gets First Trailer

Przemyslaw Dygas, 01 March 2022, 13:04

Farthest Frontier, a city builder from the creators of Grim Dawn, received its first trailer. The developers are preparing a game perfect for fans of Banished.

Forza Horizon 5 is Turning Into Stuntman Paradise; 8 New Cars Revealed

Christopher Mysiak, 01 March 2022, 12:57

Playground Games has unveiled what's coming to Forza Horizon 5 in March with the Series 5 update. Mexico will be transformed into a party paradise for stuntmen, with four free and four paid cars inbound. There's also a big chunk of bug fixes in the pipeline.

Steam Deck and Its Prototypes in One Photo

Dawid Wanat, 01 March 2022, 11:59

Valve has revealed images of Steam Deck prototypes. Some of them apparently take inspiration from the Nintendo Switch.

Elex 2 Launches Today; Piranha Bytes Fans Celebrate

Przemyslaw Dygas, 01 March 2022, 10:57

Elex 2, Piranha Bytes' latest game will be available later today.

FIFA 23 Rumored to Offer Cross-play and Women's World Cup

Adrian Werner, 01 March 2022, 10:29

Credible rumors about FIFA 23 have surfaced on the web. According to them, it will offer cross-play and women's world cup. Great progress was also said to be made in terms of animation.