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Unique Colab on Steam; Dave the Diver Joins Forces With Dredge in Free Crossover

Adrian Werner, 17 December 2023, 13:45

Dave the Diver has received a free DLC introducing a crossover with the popular Dredge.

Hogwarts Legacy Could be First Major US Best-seller in 15 Years Other Than CoD or Rockstar Game

Adrian Werner, 17 December 2023, 13:36

Hogwarts Legacy remains the biggest bestseller of the year in the US. If the game manages to maintain this position until the end of December, it will have accomplished something we haven't seen in fifteen years.

Pathfinder Hack'n'slash in the Pipeline; Promising First Footage

Adrian Werner, 17 December 2023, 13:19

Pathfinder: Abomination Vaults, the first hack'n'slash based on the license of one of the most popular tabletop role-playing games, is heading to PC.

Shadow Gambit Devs Have One More Farewell Surprise: Modding Tools

Adrian Werner, 17 December 2023, 12:56

The developers of Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew have prepared one more goodbye gift for the fans. The game has just received modding tools, enabling the community to create new missions.

Controversial Godus by (In)famous Peter Molyneux Pulled From Steam

Adrian Werner, 17 December 2023, 12:37

The PC versions of the Godus and Godus Wars, some of the biggest failures in Peter Molyneux's career, have been withdrawn from sale.