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Sony PlayStation 5 Latest news and info (5)

Embracer Group Leaves Russia and Sells Selected Assets to Saber Interactive. Metro Devs May Be Next

Jacob Blazewicz, 14 March 2024, 04:11

Embracer Group is getting rid of selected assets of Saber Interactive, including 38 games. The buyer also has the right to purchase Zen studios and 4A Interactive at a fixed price.

Stardew Valley’s 1.6 Patch Focuses on Bizzare Bug. That’s One of Changes in New Update, More Will Be Revealed Every Day

Jacob Blazewicz, 14 March 2024, 03:22

Eric Barone is going to share with fans one change from the 1.6 update every day until its release. Among other things, the patch will fix a rather strange bug related to harvesting crops.

How to Steal and Deliver the Tonberry King Crown in FF7 Rebirth

Olga Fiszer, 14 March 2024, 02:54

Check our guide on how to successfully steal the Pristine Crown from the Tonberry King in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and find out what will happen if you give Johnny the Marred Crown instead.

PlayStation Users Losing Games Because of Bug. Sony Working on Fixes

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 14 March 2024, 02:27

Many PlayStation players are reporting that they cannot fire up games purchased from the PS Store. The serious bug also affects PS Plus subscribers. Sony is said to be preparing a special patch that will solve the problem.

Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection with Sound Issues, Audio is not Working

Ewa Ichniowska, 14 March 2024, 01:57

The launch of Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection has been fraught with issues, and it includes audio. We explain the problem in this article.

Flying Terror Took Helldivers 2 Players by Surprise. Devs: “This Is Propaganda From Bug Sympathizers”

Jacob Blazewicz, 14 March 2024, 01:49

Undermining the Terminids doesn't seem to have pleased their sympathizers, who are sowing damaging propaganda online. At least that's how one of the developers of Helldivers 2 explains the „lying” rumors about unknown threats.

Lots of Free Content Coming to Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown; New Modes Expected by Players Included

Marcin Przala, 14 March 2024, 01:24

Ubisoft has unveiled a „roadmap” for the game Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. It turns out that a bunch of free content is headed to this year's platformer.

Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest 2024 Officially Announced

Marcin Przala, 14 March 2024, 01:20

The Summer Game Fest event, known as the heir to the E3 trade show, will return in early June this year. During the upcoming show, as usual, we should learn about the biggest upcoming games.

FF7 Rebirth - How to Beat Cactuar Crush on Hard and Normal

Olga Fiszer, 13 March 2024, 06:33

Learn the best strategy to beat Cactuar Crush on Hard Mode in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. This guide, will help you win this mini-game while playing as Yuffie and Aerith.

Goblin Stone - Console (Xbox, PS4, PS5, Switch) Release

Damian Gacek, 13 March 2024, 06:09

In this guide we will talk about console release of Goblin Stone. Is it possible to play it on Xbox, PS4, PS5 and Switch? Find out.

The Crew Motorfest Sparks Allegations of Copying From Forza Horizon, Entering Its Cinematic Third Season

Christopher Mysiak, 13 March 2024, 04:32

The Crew Motorfest is entering its third season, which will last until June. During this time, we'll take part in „Hollywood” activities, as well as drive new cars - although players have pointed out that too many of them are already available in Forza Horizon 5.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and God of War Director Founded New Studio. He Wants to Develop Triple-A Action Adventure Game

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 13 March 2024, 04:02

The director of the Star Wars Jedi game series has established his own studio. Giant Skull is composed of veterans and is expected to provide players with a high-budget single player title.

CEO of Starbreeze Had to Pay With His Job for Disastrous Payday 3 Launch

Maciej Gaffke, 13 March 2024, 03:40

Starbreeze studio has bid farewell to Tobias Sjögren. His dismissal is related to the poor launch of PayDay 3.

F1 Manager 2024 Announced. We Finally Get Long-Awaited Feature

Christopher Mysiak, 13 March 2024, 03:28

Frontier Developments studio announced F1 Manager 2024. The biggest new feature in this installment appears to be the long-awaited option to direct your own Formula 1 team.

Taking on Too Many Side Quests in Dragon’s Dogma 2 Has Consequences. Not Only for Us but Also for NPCs

Kamil Kleszyk, 13 March 2024, 01:41

As we approach the release of Dragon's Dogma 2, more and more information about the highly anticipated RPG is reaching us. The latest news concerns side quests.

Elden Ring’s Beginning Was Meant to Differ. Fan’s Discovery Gives Meaning to Game’s First Scenes

Hubert Sledziewski, 13 March 2024, 01:09

Have you wondered why we end up in a gloomy cave at the beginning of Elden Ring, even though moments earlier, we were fighting a fierce battle not far from a majestic chapel? Here is the answer - and an alternative version of the story that FromSoftware studio originally wanted to treat us with.

How to Get Dark Matter in FF7 Rebirth

Olga Fiszer, 12 March 2024, 03:51

Still missing that one resource to enhance your accessories in FF7 Rebirth? Discover all Dark Matter locations and how to get it.

Stardew Valley Fans Are Delighted About One Change in Upcoming Patch 1.6

Jacob Blazewicz, 12 March 2024, 03:17

Stardew Valley is going to receive quite a few changes in Update 1.6. Eric Barone has just revealed yet another one, and players are already excited about it, as the novelty related to saplings will have a significant application.

Final Fantasy XVI PC Optimization Nears Completion. Outstanding RPG Will Get Demo Before PC Release

Kamil Kleszyk, 12 March 2024, 02:04

Final Fantasy XVI producer Naoki Yoshida has released new news about the PC version of the RPG.

Outcast A New Beginning - Coop and Multiplayer Explained

Dawid Lubczynski, 12 March 2024, 01:57

Traversing a vast world with other players in Outcast 2 A New Beginning sounds tempting? In our guide, we explain whether coop and multiplayer modes exist in the game.

„Just Kicked a Guy and I Will Do It Again.” Helldivers 2 Devs and Players Want Changes to Kick System

Jacob Blazewicz, 12 March 2024, 00:21

Helldivers 2 needs a well-thought-out and refined option for kicking out players. The developers know that the system isn't perfect and needs changes.

PUBG Roadmap 2024. Dev Announced a Mountain of Changes and Improvements

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 11 March 2024, 23:39

The developers of the free-to-play PUBG: Battlegrounds are scheduling a number of major changes and improvements to the production for 2024. The popular online shooter will, among other things, switch to Unreal Engine 5.

The Outlast Trials - Hear the Words, See the Words Guide

Agnes Adamus, 11 March 2024, 07:43

The final trial in The Outlast Trials has an objective called Hear the Words, See the Words. From this guide you will learn how to finish it.

„I See a Lot of Open World Fatigue.” No Rest for the Wicked Devs Embrace Complexity with Extended Gameplay and Roadmap

Marcin Przala, 11 March 2024, 04:02

Promo materials for No Rest for the Wicked have poured over industry sites, and the game's director, Thomas Mahler, revealed on social media the philosophy behind his and his team's open-world design for the upcoming action RPG.

WWE 2K24 - How to Fix Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins Showcase Crash

Olga Fiszer, 11 March 2024, 03:49

Having trouble with the Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins Showcase match crashing in WWE 2K24? This guide will help you get back in the ring!

Ubisoft’s Upcoming Ghost Recon Is Expected to Draw Inspiration From COD: Modern Warfare, Battlefield, and Ready or Not (Rumor)

Maciej Gaffke, 11 March 2024, 03:21

Ubisoft is allegedly taking inspiration from the Call of Duty and Battlefield series for the next installment of Ghost Recon. Acclaimed insider Tom Henderson has revealed more details about the next installment in this popular shooter series.

WWE 2K24 - Community Creations Not Working or Downloading Explained

Damian Gacek, 11 March 2024, 03:14

Many WWE 2K24 have problems with not working Community Creations. Let’s talk about it.

WWE 2K24 - An Error Occurred While Retrieving Data (MyFaction)

Dawid Lubczynski, 11 March 2024, 02:22

Can't play in the WWE 2K24 MyFaction mode because you get the „an error occurred while retrieving the latest data from server” message? Learn more about this problem in our article.

Stellar Blade Action RPG’s PS5 Demo Surfaces Early. Although No Longer Available, We Received Extended Gameplay

Kamil Kleszyk, 09 March 2024, 10:01

Most likely due to a mistake, PlayStation 5 owners were able to get a premature look at the Stellar Blade game demo. Although the error was quickly fixed, a wealth of footage from the upcoming action RPG has hit the net. Beware of spoilers!

Mechs Overloaded Helldivers 2 Servers. It’s „Fault” of Players Who Unlocked Them 4 Times Faster Than Devs Anticipated

Maciej Gaffke, 09 March 2024, 09:55

The mechs have officially arrived in Helldivers 2. This happened four times faster than planned by developers from Arrowhead Game Studio, who had previously asked players to „help” liberate the Tien Kwan factory.

Rise of the Ronin Video Explains How Player Choices Affect Storyline. „Platinum” Won’t Be Easy to Get

Marcin Przala, 09 March 2024, 09:50

Developers from Team Ninja, in a new video, talked about the choices we will make in Rise of the Ronin and their consequences. Moreover, we learned about the game's trophy list.

FF7 Rebirth - Should You Pay 2000 Gil to the Bandits

Agnes Adamus, 08 March 2024, 07:44

Do you want to obtain Protorelic in Grasslands region in FF7 Rebirth? From this guide you will learn whether you should pay 2000 gil to the bandits.

South Park: Snow Day! Ends With RPG Genre, but Not With Goofy Humor. Fans Should Be Pleased

Michal Harat, 08 March 2024, 07:43

The latest game from the universe of South Park will be more of a roguelike than an RPG. The gameplay format will change, but the humor will remain the same - the devs have recorded more than 50 fart noises specifically for this game.

Backpack Battles - Console (PS5, PS4, Xbox, Switch) and Mobile Release

Damian Gacek, 08 March 2024, 06:53

Backpack Battles is a new Steam hit. Let’s learn about release of this game on consoles and mobiles.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Receives Much-Wanted Update. It Introduces New Game Plus Mode and Many New Features

Michal Harat, 08 March 2024, 06:16

A new update for Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is now available. Devs from the Insomniac Games Studio have kept their word - from now on, we can play the New Game mode. However, there are many more new features.

Desert Rush in FF7 Rebirth - How to Get Tifa's Weapon

Dawid Lubczynski, 08 March 2024, 03:31

Would you like to get Tifa's weapon in the Desert Rush mini-game, yet you have problems with it? It will become much easier with our guide to FF7 Rebirth.

Battle Pass in Helldivers 2 With New Loot to Unlock. These Include Ultra-Futuristic Armor and Lightning-Firing Rifles

Maciej Gaffke, 07 March 2024, 23:07

The Warbond: Cutting Edge battle pass is coming soon to Helldivers 2, which will bring new weapons. In the meantime, Arrowhead Game Studio has scored a few slip-ups in communication with the fans.

FF7 Rebirth - Biological Intel Head Case Guide

Damian Gacek, 07 March 2024, 15:12

In this FF7 Rebirth guide we will tell you how to deal with Biological Intel Head Case. It is a difficult challenge.

FF7 Rebirth - Search for Protorelic Clues and Expose the Hiding Bandit

Damian Gacek, 07 March 2024, 09:48

Are you Searching for Protorelic Clues and can’t find them? We will tell you how to expose hiding bandits in FF7 Rebirth.

FF7 Rebirth - Corel Protorelic 3, Where to Find Missing Cactuar Rock

Agnes Adamus, 07 March 2024, 07:39

Do you have problems with Protorelic Phenomenon in FF7 Rebirth? From this guide you will find out how to find Corel Protorelic 3.

EA CEO Wants Players to Spend More on Microtransactions Thanks to AI

Adrian Werner, 07 March 2024, 04:18

Electronic Arts' CEO has outlined a vision for greater use of AI in the company's games. This is expected not only to speed up the development process but also to make players spend more on microtransactions.

Toxic Playstation Fans Cannot Handle Release of Ghost of Tsushima on PC

Jacob Blazewicz, 07 March 2024, 03:34

The release of another PlayStation-exclusive title on PC has sparked excitement among many players, but Sony „fans” (or rather, fanboys or trolls) aren't thrilled with the decision.

FF7 Rebirth - Fort Condor Hard Mode Rewards

Ewa Ichniowska, 07 March 2024, 03:10

Fort Condor on Hard Mode in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is nortoriously frustrating, but is it worth it? Find out what you can get for beating it here.

The Sinking City 2, Sequel to Dark Survival Horror in Cthulhu Universe, Is Coming

Marcin Przala, 07 March 2024, 02:20

The Xbox show gave us the announcement of The Sinking City 2. The second game in the Lovecraft universe from Frogwares Studio will be released next year.

We Got Frostpunk 2 Release Date. 11 Bit Studios’ Frosty Game Is Coming Out in Mid-Summer

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 07 March 2024, 01:56

The launch date of Frostpunk 2 has been revealed, and a new trailer for the game has been published. We will return to the ice-covered land in mid-summer.

GTA 5 Inspired Director of Dragon’s Dogma 2 When Designing Game’s Open World

Jacob Blazewicz, 07 March 2024, 00:27

Dragon's Dogma 2 is going to offer a world four times larger than the first game in the series. Director Hideaki Itsuno revealed that Grand Theft Auto 5 was the inspiration behind its creation.

How Old is Yuffie in FF7 Rebirth

Agnes Adamus, 06 March 2024, 07:20

One of the Cloud’s companions in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is Yuffie Kisaragi. From this guide you will find out how old she is.

Expeditions MudRunner - Fix for Blurry and not Loading Textures

Damian Gacek, 06 March 2024, 06:29

If you notice problems with textures in Expeditions MudRunner, you may be right. Players report that they are blurry or not loading at all. There is an easy fix to that.

Success of Helldivers 2 Fuels Sony Acquisition Rumors, CEO of Arrowhead Denies

Jacob Blazewicz, 06 March 2024, 05:18

The success of Helldivers 2 won't result in Sony's acquisition of the Arrowhead studio, contrary to speculation.

Stalker Trilogy Set to Escape PC Shackles and Make Its Way to Consoles. We Have First Screenshots

Adrian Werner, 06 March 2024, 04:33

Thanks to a leak in Japanese stores, we have found out that the old installments of the STALKER series will soon be coming to consoles.