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News guides 07 June 2024, 04:14

author: Agnes Adamus

Solve Puzzles in Destiny 2 (D2) Queens Part 1 (Reflect Projectiles and Overload Runes)

The Final Shape DLC introduced to Destiny 2 many new quests. From this guide you will find out how to solve puzzles in Queens Part 1.

Source: Destiny 2, developer: Bungie

The Final Shape is new DLC that arrived to Destiny 2 three days ago. You will face Witness and complete the War of Light and Darkness during the new campaign. Some of the added quests require less obvious solutions and they can be a problem (eventually they can have bugs like Liminality). From this guide you will learn how to solve puzzles in Queens Part 1.

How to Solve Puzzles in Destiny 2 (D2) Queens Part 1

One of the missions from The Final Shape DLC is Queens Part 1. Its goal is to “Disrupt The Hive Rituals". This will require you to solve puzzles in which the Sword relic plays an important role. You will acquire this weapon at the very beginning of the mission by defeating the Hive Knight.

After getting the item, you can go to the barrier and destroy it. This way you will enter the arena, where the first puzzle awaits you. Its solution is simple – with help of Sword relic you have to deflect opponents’ bullets toward the runes. You have to remember that for this to work, you need to have a sight on the rune.

Then you will have to follow the mission markers until you reach the next arena. There you will come across the second puzzle. In this case, you must use a ranged sword attacks to destroy the small levitating balls. It will deactivate rune’s shield. Then you will be able to repeat the maneuver with deflecting projectiles from the previous puzzle.

Completing this stage will open the way to Hive god Savathun, which you will have to fight.

Agnes Adamus

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