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News video games 26 April 2021, 13:32

author: Bart Swiatek

Nier Replicant PC Getting Fixed by Fans

The remastered release of the RPG Nier Replicant has been plagued with a variety of technical issues on PC. Fortunately, some of them have already been eliminated by modders.


  1. The PC version of the Nier Replicant remaster has a number of technical issues;
  2. Some of them have already been eliminated by modders.

A remaster of the RPG Nier Replicant recently debuted on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Unfortunately, everything points to the fact that the title is far from perfect on desktops - players have to reckon with, among others, performance problems, which are most likely the result of insufficient use of the GPU and CPU by the game.

Users also complain about various bugs. These include irritating FPS drops when the controller is disconnected, or the cursor appearing on screen during cutscenes despite using a gamepad. To make matters worse, the rate at which characters move seems to be tied to the fps number and the monitor's refresh rate - players with screens offering more than 60Hz complain that the character becomes very difficult to control on their hardware.

Fortunately there is also good news - members of the community have already found solutions to some of the problems. Mod Special K will enable us to eliminate some bugs related to the controller, get rid of unnecessary cursor from the screen, set our own FPS cap and disable V-Sync (it is permanently on by default). In turn, Replicant High FPS Fix will allow for seamless gaming with a high number of FPS.

As a reminder, Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139... debuted on April 23, this year.

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