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News video games 22 July 2022, 15:10

author: Agnes Adamus

NMS Endurance - Dream Aerial and How to Get Living Frigate?

In this guide you will find information about No Man's Sky's Endurance update. You will learn, among other things, how to find the living frigate and what a Dream Aerial is.

No Man's Sky has been updated. The new patch is titled Endurance and introduces a lot of new features to the game - including living frigates. In this news you will find the most important information about the entire patch. However, special emphasis has been placed on the frigates.

Organic Frigates and Dream Aerial

Endurance introduces a new type of freighter to the game - living frigates. They can be encountered during space exploration. These types of vehicles are to be procedurally generated, so they will feature a variety of appearances.

You should come across the first living frigate relatively quickly - just make a few jumps between systems. You should encounter an event, in which you can save the ship from pirates and take control of mines..

However, in order to increase your chances, you need an item called Dream Aerial to encounter living ships. To build it, however, you need a specific blueprint. It can be obtained as a reward for completing a fleet expedition. Unfortunately, the chance to get it is completely random.

Once you have acquired the Dream Aerial blueprint, all that remains is to craft the item. For this you need:

  1. 3x Living Glass
  2. 1x Solar Mirror

No Man's Sky Endurance - major changes

Major changes in freighters

After the Endurance update, the freighters in the game will become significantly more advanced, and there will be more life aboard them. Among the most important novelties related to this aspect of gameplay are:

  1. Room decoration. Thanks to this, it will be possible to customize the interior of the ship according to our preferences. In addition, it is also possible to create viewing terraces located outside the freighter.
  2. New textures, colors and decorations have been added. These will affect the external appearance of the freighter.
  3. Dynamic crew. Everyone staying on the ship will walk around it. This applies to permanent members, such as engineers or biologists, and those who are only there temporarily.
  4. Agricultural chambers where different species of plants can be grown.
  5. A resource extractor that automatically extracts minerals from space vacuum.
  6. A short-range teleport that allows you to move between the bridge and the hangar.

Improvements in building

Improvements have also been made to the building mechanics. Thanks to them the whole process is easier and more transparent:

  1. Already erected elements can be automatically replaced, instead of destroying an already built element and building a new one in its place.
  2. Different visual options for specific elements can be selected manually.
  3. When building on a freighter, the preview hologram will be visible through the walls. In addition, an option for free placement of objects has been added.

Other new features

In addition to the aforementioned changes, the update introduces minor changes such as:

  1. Improved visual effects when making contact with a black hole.
  2. Addition of new asteroid types.
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