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News guides 07 June 2023, 20:55

author: Damian Gacek

NMS Singularity Expedition - 4.30 Update Patch Notes

The update 4.30 was introduced to NMS. What is more, players can start the new Singularity Expedition. In this article we present patch notes.

It is widely known that No Man's Sky receives regular updates. Developers constantly work to enhance the game. Two months ago, a substantial update named Interceptor was introduced, bringing numerous exciting additions. Today marks the launch of a new community expedition in the game, titled Singularity, providing players with fresh adventures to embark upon. What is more, the game was updated to 4.30 version. In this article we present patch notes regarding these new changes.

NMS – the Singularity Expedition patch notes

Of course, The biggest novelty is the new expedition. It will last 5 weeks. Thanks to it, you will be able to learn more about harmonic camps and build your own Construct. If you will be able to finish the adventure, you will get some rewards. They will work on all saves, too. If you want to know about them more, read full patch notes. Nevertheless, we present them below:

  1. Construct Customisation Set
  2. Atlas, Atlantid, and Construct Posters
  3. Discordant Jetpack Trail
  4. Crimson Freighter Trail
  5. Living Fragment Base Decorations
  6. Wayfarer’s Helm

NMS – 4.30 update patch notes

In you want to read full patch notes, use the link presented above. Below, we name some of the most interesting changes (in our opinion):

  1. Expedition 10, Singularity (of course).
  2. PC VR players can now use the virtual keyboard to name discoveries (and other nameable items).
  3. Players who enable auto-follow for the third person camera will now benefit from this setting in the Space Anomaly and aboard Space Stations, as well as on planets.
  4. The starship’s autopilot will now prevent players from crashing into various space points of interest while engaged on the starship communicator.
  5. Upgrades to the Neutron Cannon have received an increase in their damage bonus, and a large increase to their charging time reduction.
  6. Sentinel Interceptors now require Crystalised Hearts rather than Quad Servos to repair their hyperdrive.
  7. Many fixes and improvements like: fixed a number of memory-related crashes on Xbox platforms or introduced a significant load-time optimisation for PlayStation platforms (and a lot more).

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Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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